Love bikes? and art? and picnics? You’re invited!

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Bikes + art + Pollo Tropical, hooray! — photo by Robby Campbell

Beached Miami invites you to the third-annual Dwntwn Art Days Bike Tour on Saturday, Sept. 20. The ride will feature artist talks and performances along the route and a delicious post-ride picnic catered by Pollo Tropical. Everything is FREE. All you have to do is RSVP at to secure one of the limited spots.

The starting point is CIFO’s bamboo-lined courtyard and a few easy-riding miles later we’ll stop at Museum Park for a Pollo Tropical feast. In between, we will:

– take a tour of CIFO’s private collection
– ride past a Primary Projects-curated series of street murals and enjoy a short talk by participating artist Autumn Casey
– inhale a “sensory scent experience” created by artist Nick Lobo
– visit artist Domingo Castillo’s public intervention at 777 International Mall
– witness harness-bound dancers boogie-ing up and down the walls at MDC
– stop at Downtown Art House for a noise show and Tasha’s Magic City Bazaar flea market

The ride starts at 4 pm sharp, and it will end at 6:30 pm for the picnic. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so we can check you in.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bike

Slow ride, take it easy. This will be a short ride at a casual pace, suitable for anyone who can ride a bike.

Don’t forget, you must RSVP to come on the ride. Last year’s tour filled up quick, so visit before it’s too late.

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The man who draws Miami music

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Ever notice the lanky hatted dude in the cut at the local show drawing calmly in his sketchbook as a mosh pit churns and swirls around him? Probably not. Brian Butler somehow manages to draw in public without drawing attention to himself. At the end of the night, he has an illustrated account of the show more nuanced than most written reviews, brimming with more life than your average photo slideshow. Continue »

Beached Bash by Brian Butler

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Churchill’s grime in all its glory

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After hearing the news last week that Churchill’s Pub will likely change ownership in May, we started digging through our archives for our favorite Churchill’s photos. It was damn hard to whittle them down, what with all the grimy good memories the pub and, by extension, owner Dave Daniels has given us. This collection captures only a sliver of the weird wonderful world of Churchill’s, a noisy netherland of fire, smoke, blood, sweat, booze and, of course, music. As much as any other place, Churchill’s has made Miami a magic city over the last 35 years. Here’s hoping the new owners don’t puke in the potion. Continue »

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Sketchbook Project headed to a garden near you

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The Sketchbook Project’s custom-fitted mobile library will make its first local stop on Saturday, Jan. 18, at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

When you enter the Brooklyn Art Library, home to the Sketchbook Project’s collection of 30,000 artist sketchbooks, you can almost feel the shelves vibrating with creative intensity. Decorated in every color and pattern imaginable, the books showcase the creativity of artists from more than 130 countries. Anyone can participate in the Sketchbook Project, and participants are free to fill up the pages of their sketchbook in any way they like. Some artists do exactly what you’d expect — sketch — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others write poetry, create collages, even build sculptures that unfold when you open their books.

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Doodle. Your happiness depends on it.

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U-Doodle mural

The chalky aftermath of a recent U-Doodle meetup.

Just as your Art Basel hangover begins to fade, you’re facing another art-stuffed weekend. Saturday is Art Walk in Wynwood, which may be too much to handle for anyone still tasting Krylon after last week’s burst of street art opportunism. Luckily, there’s an alternative to the N.W. Second Avenue circus. Read the rest of this entry »

Art Basel 2013 Contenders

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If you’ve perused this year’s round of breathless Art Basel Miami Beach event guides, you may have concluded that the whole ABMB extravaganza is an elaborate marketing campaign to sell shoes, t-shirts and “limited-edition yoga mats.” And you may be right. And yet, amid the myriad big top fairs and invite-only soirées at which Gaga or Kanye or Pharrell is rumored to appear, there are a handful of approachable events — let’s call them “contenders” — that have a puncher’s chance of knocking you out without the help of a celebrity. Starting with…

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Writing backwards with Esmeralda Santiago

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Born in Puerto Rico, Santiago keeps returning to the island in her memoirs and novels.

This post is sponsored by the Miami Writers Institute.

Puerto Rican writer Esmeralda Santiago left La Isla del Encanto for Brooklyn when she was 11 years old, but her imagination keeps bringing her back. Santiago’s debut book, When I Was Puerto Rican, the first of three memoirs, depicts her impoverished and happy childhood on the island, and her latest novel, Conquistadora, is the story of Ana Cubillas, a slave-owning Puerto Rican widow who runs a sugar plantation in the mid-19th Century.

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The art and craft of living in other people’s brains

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Music legend Quincy Jones’ autobiography is one of many publishing projects Mulcahy has worked on as a writer, editor and self-described “book doctor.”

This post is sponsored by the Miami Writers Institute.

Early in her career, Patricia Mulcahy wanted to be an investigative reporter. “But I came of age in the post-Watergate era and everyone wanted to be an investigative reporter,” she says. “I couldn’t even get a job writing obituaries!”

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Music and cycling, in harmony

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Alex Chaleff

Alex Chaleff: “Whenever I finish a performance or ride, I always feel, even if I’ve started and ended in the same place, that I’ve changed as a result.”

You may not think classical music and bike riding have much in common, but the two will harmonize during Cycling Night at the New World Symphony on Friday, Nov. 8, which will include a group bike ride, a 30-minute concert by the symphony, and the premiere of the film ‘Bicycle Dreams’ on the New World Center’s 7,000 square foot projection wall (full details). Ahead of the event, New World Symphony violinist and avid cyclist Alex Chaleff describes the intertwined and transformational impact that music and cycling have on his life. — Editor’s note

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How Arcade Fire’s Little Haiti show happened

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The Reflektors play Oct. 24, 2013 in Miami, FL at the Haiti Cultural Center.

Arcade Fire as The Reflektors at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. — photo by Eric Kayne

Arcade Fire beat out Eminem, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Lady Antebellum for Album of the Year at the 2011 Grammys. With each new album, the band tours the world, playing venues like Madison Square Garden. But on Thursday, Oct. 24, Arcade Fire, one of the biggest bands in the world, performed as “The Reflektors” at a community center in Little Haiti. Read the rest of this entry »