Hand-drawn map of Lincoln Road

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A hand-drawn map of Lincoln Road

While much of the world spent this last Tuesday hard at some wage-earning work, contributing to society at large each in some unique way, I on the contrary spent all of Tuesday (and a good part of Wednesday) making a map to complement Jordan’s “Should you find yourself on Lincoln Road” post.

We would have posted an existing map, but after an exhaustive search — I scanned the first three pages of Google Images — I realized there weren’t any good ones available. Even Google Maps falls short by placing the Lincoln Theatre squarely on Washington Avenue (proof).

So, spotting a pressing need, I decided to exacerbate the problem. In the process, I found that I possess yet another obscure skill — hand-drawn cartography — that will never translate to a monetary income.

I drew the buildings and icons using the Sketchbook Pro App on the iPad. The roads and street names I did with good old-fashioned paper and pen. Putting these formats together, I created what no one was asking for: a hand-drawn map of Lincoln Road. Still, I envision a time when tourists and locals alike will be navigating Lincoln Road by way of this map, pointing and wildly gesturing. I take no responsibility for poked eyes.

As it stands, the map is incomplete. I want to replace the Baires logo with an empanada, but that will require more laborious research, i.e., eating empanadas. (I also plan on eating more pizza, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Since the map is not drawn to scale, here are the names and addresses of the places should you actually want to find them.

1. Herzog and de Meuron parking garage, 1111 Lincoln Road
2. Baires Grill, 1116 Lincoln Road
3. Banana Republic, 1100 Lincoln Road
4. Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road
5. Sterling Building, 927 Lincoln Road
6. Artcenter / South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road, suite 205
7. David’s Café, 1654 Meridian Avenue
8. Spris Pizzeria, 731 Lincoln Road
9. Zeke’s Roadhouse, 625 Lincoln Road
10. Lincoln Theatre, 541 Lincoln Road
11. Miami Beach Community Church, 1620 Drexel Avenue
12. Lincoln-Drexel Building, 1655 Drexel Avenue
13. 420 Lincoln Road building, 420 Lincoln Road (where else?)

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