Raymond Jungles 1111 Lincoln Road sketches

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Besides having one helluva surname, Raymond Jungles also led the project to redesign the stretch of promenade in front of 1111 Lincoln Road, the new concrete-and-glass parking garage by Herzog & de Meuron. According to Jungles’ site, the goal was to transform the area into an “urban glade” in line with Morris Lapidus’ original vision. (Lapidus redesigned Lincoln Road in 60s.)

Whatever an “urban glade” is, Jungles certainly transformed the stretch of Lincoln Road between Alton and Lenox. Here are two cool sketches for the project from Jungles’ site, the first of which somehow reminds me of a surrealist diagram of some grimy bodily function.

1111 Lincoln Road sketch

1111 Lincoln Road sketch

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