Miami Critical Mass: 9/24/2010

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After a crotchety day of continual rain, the bike gods cleared the skies just in time for last night’s 13.6-mile Miami Critical Mass bike ride through East Little Havana, West Flagler, Coral Gables, Coral Way, The Roads, Brickell, and Downtown. As you can see, the faithful Critical Massers who hauled their bikes to Government Center intent on riding come hell or high water were more than a little happy when the Civil War being waged overhead — Blue vs. Gray — ended in a Union victory.

Miami Critical Mass Cheering

As for us Beached Miami folk, a little rain wasn’t going to stop us from flashing our new gear.

Miami Critical Mass Beached T-shirt

After the rain, there was a cool(ish) breeze, and, as we crossed the river on West Flagler, we got a soul-soothing view of the sun setting beyond the city.

Miami Critical Mass Photo IV

This ride had a different feel than last month’s 11.9-mile route through Allapatah, Wynwood, Little Haiti, and Midtown. Again we got a cheerful reception from onlookers and plenty of honks of encouragement from motorists, but we went through fewer residential neighborhoods and didn’t see as many people in the streets (one of the cooler aspects of last month’s ride).

It was also a bit sad to see my beloved Orange Bowl so thoroughly buried by the Marlin’s future stadium. I’ve got too many memories of that place to roll by without feeling some powerful nostalgia. They weren’t all good times, of course. The last Canes games I went to at the Orange Bowl ended in a loss and a drunk girl throwing up on my back. And then there was Brock Berlin. But I digress. Here are some photos from the ride.

Miami Critical Mass Riders

Miami Critical Mass No Hands

Miami Critical Mass Bike Shorts

Despite taking a different route than in August, we ended up in the same place (not a metaphor), a bar named Bar, aka “Hipsters Welcome.” I shouldn’t knock Bar (formerly PS14); it’s kind enough to let a hundred or so rank cyclists park their bikes in the back and serve up burgers and hotdogs.

Miami Critical Mass BBQ

Overall it was another solid Miami Critical Mass experience. I definitely enjoy the unspoken camaraderie of cruising through the city en masse with a bunch of strangers. At one point, I was riding behind a guy with a radio strapped to the back of his bike. Heard Nirvana’s “The Man Who Sold The World” and Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” before I lost him. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Miami Critical Mass bike of the month: Golden Boy.

Miami Critical Mass Gold Bike

All photos by Robby Campbell.

5 Comments on “Miami Critical Mass: 9/24/2010”

  1. 1 AJ said at 5:44 am on September 25th, 2010:

    Nice article n pics. 2 bad I didn’t come out n play.

  2. 2 Barbara said at 11:26 am on September 25th, 2010:

    Great pictures…. amazing ride and people as always!

  3. 3 William said at 3:38 pm on September 25th, 2010:

    As unflailingly unclutch as he was, Brock Berlin has one of the greatest football names of all time.

  4. 4 Thiago Menezes said at 9:54 pm on September 25th, 2010:

    Hey Thanks for nominating me bike of the month! I really enjoyed building it. I’m glad I got to show it this month :) I still need my saddle to come in! if anybody wants to see more pics of the bike add me on facebook .

    Thiago Menezes.

    Thanks Again

  5. 5 Jordan Melnick said at 10:30 pm on September 25th, 2010:

    You deserved it man. The decision was unanimous.

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