Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival

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My mother dragged me to more city-sponsored arts and culture festivals as a child than I care to remember, so I didn’t have high expectations for the Gables festival yesterday. With a low bar to clear, it surprised me. While stormy skies kept attendance down, and while the average age was skewed to a hip late-20s number by the fact that almost everyone there was either geriatric or pediatric, there was just enough to make the excursion worthwhile.

Above all was a troupe of Latina flamenco dancers. I’ve seen flamenco shows in Spain, and I’m not sure if these lovely ladies would please a Sevilla audience. But, for obvious reasons, they had my attention.

Lovely Latina Flamenco Dancers

Other than the flamenco show (which needed a live band), the Gables fest yielded a few semiprecious treasures, por ejemplo, these ceramic demitasses by Bernardo Cueto.

A set of demitasses from Coral Gables Cultural Festival

Then there was the enormous child-devouring tiger (escaped from the zoo?) …

Tiger Bounce House

… and a sweet classic Buick.

Antique Buick at Gables Cultural Festival

Just before I left and the rain came, a live band took the stage. It’s good to see Puerto Rico flash its beautiful smile in Miami now and again.

Puerto Rican princess

All in all, a good way to spend an hour. And I learned something: did you know in the Gables they measure the passage of time in paella? I believe this translates to 2:23.

Coral Gables Paella


Here are a few more photos from the flamenco show.

Lovely Latina Flameco Dancers II

Lovely Latina Flamenco Dancers III

Lovely Latina Flamenco Dancers IV

Lovely Latina Flamenco Dancer V

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