Extra! Extra! Al Capone Takes Stand In Perjury Case (Again)

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In commemoration of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court’s centennial, local attorneys reenacted Al “Scarface” Capone’s 1930 perjury trial this morning in the same courtroom as the original hearing. (Spoiler alert: Capone was acquitted.) Below are a few black-and-whites from the event. For you sticklers out there, list any anachronisms you spot in a comment.

Al Capone Takes The Stand
Scarface takes the stand with Judge Scott Silverman presiding.

Prosecution Opening Argument in Capone Perjury Trial
Lanky prosecutor in vintage pinstripes makes his case against Capone.

Witnesses Al Capone Reenactment
Capone’s wrongful arrest filing against Miami Public Safety Director Sam D. McCreary (right) led to the Chicago gangster’s perjury trial.

Al Capone Defense Attorney
Capone’s attorney accuses McCreary of being the true gangster in the room.

While the attorneys’ acting was gawdawful (New World thespians would have been better), the 11th Judicial Circuit Court and HistoryMiami deserve props for bringing Capone back to life for the edification of a packed house. And kudos to Judge Silverman for unearthing Capone’s original testimony. My favorite snippet of dialogue:

Judge: “Isn’t it a fact that while you were in jail you got a carton of cigarettes?”

Capone: “Not this time.”

With a riposte like that, it’s no wonder Capone is a perennial Hollywood darling.

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