Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (10/31 – 11/6)

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Here are my ten favorite posts in the Miami blogosphere last week. I tried to read them all, but I’m sure I missed a few and maybe some good ones. If you think I’ve left a worthy entry out of the list, link to it in a comment. I plan to do a Top Ten Miami Blog Posts list every Sunday, so please contact me if you come across a must-read.

1. In a momentous week in American politics, Miami bloggers rose to the occasion with several great election-centric pieces. The Reid Report’s Nov. 6 “Alex Sink: Meet The Mirror” takes top honors for its incisive look at why and how Florida Democrats suffered near total annihilation on election day. (Eye On Miami also offered solid post-election analysis, and SFDB deserves kudos for hosting an interactive forum on election night. Transit Miami offered a bleak assessment of green transportation policy under Governor Rick Scott.)

2. Commendably, Night Drive Miami got threatening in compelling its readers to buy tickets for the Javelin show at Awarehouse this Saturday. “I wouldn’t miss this if I were you!!!! AND I’ll say this again for all of those who don’t know anything about JAVELIN…. don’t kick yourself in the ass when you hear the band’s music 1 week after the show.”

3. This Random Pixels open letter to Mindy Marqués Gonzalez congratulates the Miami Herald‘s new editor, and then explains bluntly and convincingly why she might well fail to save the moribund paper. An excerpt:

“You’re now tasked with putting out a newspaper with a greatly reduced staff and diminished resources. Also in the mix is a shrinking and alienated subscriber base. Thirty six years ago, The Miami Herald made TIME magazine’s list of The Ten Best American Daily Newspapers. Last year it made another TIME magazine list: The Ten Most Endangered Newspapers in America.”

4. Having persuaded the City of Miami to promote bike safety on electronic billboards along I-95, The South Florida Bike Coalition wants you to submit design ideas. Cool.

5. Binary did a hard thing well: held forth at length about a single song — KIT’s “Horseshoe Crab” — without boring or pontificating. “The song starts off with that eerily mystic underwater feeling, and then quickly kicks it up a notch with a pulsing bass line that makes it borderline dancey. Next thing you know, lead singer Audrey is giving us a lesson on the evolution, lives, and mating rituals of our planet’s horseshoe crabs.” Good song too.

6. Despite finding it incoherent in places, I liked Swampstyle‘s lo-fi look at Miami’s forgotten places.

7. Food For Thought gave a thorough and tepid review of American Noodle Bar, a recent edition to Miami’s growing casual Asian food scene. “I enjoyed the flavors of everything I tried, but I did often wish that I could find a volume dial so I could turn up those flavors even more.”

8. Sex and the Beach‘s profile of Jeremy Glazer spotlights an exceedingly rare breed: the Miami writer. Not sure what Glazer’s handsomeness has to do with anything, but Maria de Los Angeles deserves props for following up with Glazer, whose short story “They Always Leave” hit many locals in the gut when it aired on WLRN’s Under The Sun last month.

9. Blogging Black Miami remembered Charles “Coffee” Hamm, a mailman who died on Oct. 24 at the age of 83. “When he stood his ground for freedom on the bus ride through the racist South of the 1950s, he did so in the tradition of the First South Carolina Volunteers, a Black fighting unit of the Civil War who were eager to fight for their freedom.”

10. The South Florida Theater Review relit my fire to see the Naked Stage’s production of Jean-Paul Satre’s No Exit. (Click HERE for our Top Ten Miami Theater Events in November list.)

8 Comments on “Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (10/31 – 11/6)”

  1. 1 Maria said at 9:29 pm on November 7th, 2010:

    Handsomeness has nothing to do with anything … but it sure doesn’t hurt :-)

    Thanks for the link.

    Keep up the great work here!


  2. 2 Jordan Melnick said at 9:35 pm on November 7th, 2010:

    I was just jealous.

  3. 3 Read this: the way forward in Florida : The Reid Report said at 10:26 pm on November 7th, 2010:

    […] the whole thing here. (Hat tip to Beached Miami, and thanks for the shout […]

  4. 4 bill said at 10:26 pm on November 7th, 2010:

    Well, let me say that I’m humbled to be included in yout first Top Ten list. Nice idea and I’m sure you’ll get lots of new readers…at least on Sunday night! ;)

    Seriously, it’s always nice when a blogger takes the time to recognize another bogger’s efforts.

  5. 5 Jordan Melnick said at 10:34 pm on November 7th, 2010:

    The point is to lose a few readers on Sunday nights.

  6. 6 Jordan Melnick said at 9:55 am on November 8th, 2010:

    btw, Binary’s not a Miami blog. Not sure how the hell I came to think it was. Must have taken a wrong turn on the internet superhighway.

  7. 7 GB said at 1:54 pm on November 13th, 2010:

    what about us!?!?!

  8. 8 Jordan Melnick said at 2:00 pm on November 13th, 2010:

    There’s always next time.

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