Top Ten Art Walk Events in November

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Francesco Lo Castro Promo

Butter Gallery will present photographs of the work of acclaimed artist Francesco Lo Castro.

With Art Basel around the corner, this saturday’s Art Walk promises to have even more energy than usual. To help you decide which of the scores of galleries to visit, South Florida blogger and artist Misael Soto compiled the following top ten list.

1. Robert Thiele: 8-Four-9 @ Dorsch Gallery

Painter and sculptor Robert Thiele has had a profound impact on the Miami art scene for decades. After hosting a survey of his 30-year career in 2009, the Dorsch Gallery now presents an exhibition of Thiele’s latest work in “8-Four-9″. The Dorsch should be quieter than the rest of Wynwood, which is all the more reason to stop by. If you can find him, ask Brook Dorsch himself for an explanation of the work. (He’s the tall guy in a fancy button-down, jeans, and thick rimmed glasses). You’ll be glad you did. Learn more about the Robert Thiele exhibit HERE, and click HERE for my review of the Nov. 2 ARTalk on Thiele.

2. Xaviera Simmons (Harvest): Any Number of Myths and Stories @ David Castillo Gallery

After a few misses with its most recent exhibitions, one of Wynwood’s top galleries seems to have something special in store for November. Brooklyn-based Xaviera Simmons’ solo show seems like a promising mixed bag of photography, sculpture, text, video, and installation. Learn more HERE.

3. Daniel Milewski: 3 Color Sunburst @ Dimensions Variable

While I have reservations about both the aims of this show and Daniel Milewski’s past work, it is almost always guaranteed that I will leave Dimensions Variable deep in conversation about what I’ve just seen. Miami art power couple Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova and Frances Trombly sure know how to pick ‘em, and if this is what they’ve chosen for Art Basel you won’t want to miss it. Learn more about the exhibition HERE.

4. Francesco Lo Castro: Recent Works @ Butter Gallery

A visit to Butter Gallery this Saturday is nearly mandatory. The celebrated and prolific Francesco Lo Castro joins the likes of Street Art elite, trading the outer walls of abandoned buildings and factories for the white walls of a gallery. Through photographs of his work, as well as large format portraits, Lo Castro will present a retrospective of sorts. As an added bonus, up-and-coming electronic duo Bf Gf will be performing. Good luck getting through the front door! Learn more HERE.

5. Michael Scoggins: #1 Fan @ Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

Cute. Kitsch. Pop. Indie. If these words spark positive associations (outside of music, they don’t for me) you’ll want to head over to Michael Scoggin’s notebook-doodling-inspired show over at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, which never fails to put on a quality exhibition. Learn more HERE.

6. Littlest Sister Invitational Art Fair @ Spinello Gallery

Art Basel’s “baby sibling” returns for its third year. With a traditional art fair squeezed into Anthony Spinello’s small Design District gallery, you’ll be able to get a good look at what’s on display before prospective collectors descend on Miami in a few weeks. Learn more HERE.

7. Jim Drain: Saturday’s Ransom @ Locust Projects

If the title of this show by Miami-based artist Jim Drain isn’t enough to make you want to go, you can learn more about “Saturday’s Ransom” HERE.

8. Randy Burman: The Art of Destruction @ Artformz

Artformz seems to be doing something uncharacteristically daring this month. A neon sign in Randy Burman’s show — “OLD ART MUST DIE IN ORDER FOR NEW ART TO BE BORN” – seeks to inspire visitors to literally tear up the past to make way for the future. By asking visitors to shred copies of timeless masterpieces, Burman’s “intention is to metaphorically and demonstratively transform the visitor’s experience from one of passive observation and contemplation to a participatory role.” The key here will be presentation. The idea is good, but it could very well fall apart. We’ll see. Learn more HERE.

9. Javelin @ Awarehouse

Brooklyn electronic R&B duo Javelin make a special stop in Miami for a post-art walk performance at Awarehouse. According to Night Drive Miami, Tom van Buskirk and George Langford “normally host BYOBoom box parties where they ask the audience to bring their own radios and transmit the whole show to a specific frequency.” Sounds like a perfect end to Art Walk …

10. Vivian Girls and Beings @ Gemma Lounge

… Unless you’re feeling really ambitious. On easily the most anticipated night of the Miami Music Festival, Vivian Girls and Beings — two bands that know how to put on a live show – will take the stage after midnight. Meaning you might be able to do Art Walk and Javelin and still make it over to Gemma Lounge, on Lincoln Road, in time for the show. Learn more HERE.

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7 Comments on “Top Ten Art Walk Events in November”

  1. 1 Randy Burman said at 8:24 pm on November 10th, 2010:

    Thank you for including my installation at Artformz, The Art of Destruction in the BeachedMiami Top Ten Art Walk Events. And for your word to the wise/cautionary advice. There’s a reason why “presentation is everything”, is a well worn cliche. You’re making me think I should have included the added drama of the embroidered “Doctor Destructo” lab coat and a performance by the Destructettes, dancing dames of demolition.

  2. 2 swampthing said at 7:46 am on November 11th, 2010:

    Swampspace Gallery
    “Sky’s the Limit” by Alvaro Ilizarde

  3. 3 John Hood said at 12:20 pm on November 11th, 2010:

    Lo Castro subject John Hood conducts a quickie interview with the master on NBC Miami.

  4. 4 Lauren Doyle said at 12:02 pm on November 12th, 2010:

    Thank you! I always walk around art walk blindly, never knowing what I’m going to see until I manage to squeeze through the gallery doors. Your primer helps big time.

  5. 5 Jordan Melnick said at 12:17 pm on November 12th, 2010:

    You’re not alone. We’re going to do the list every month, so stay tuned.

  6. 6 John Hood said at 10:03 pm on November 16th, 2010:

    Yeah, I’m back with more Lo Castro, this time for BlackBook:

    Thanks Beached!

  7. 7 Jordan Melnick said at 9:28 am on November 25th, 2010:

    Don’t why, but your comment originally went to spam, Randy. Thanks for chiming in.

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