Miami Music Festival Wrap-up: We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year

By | November 14th, 2010 | 3 Comments
Cassie Ramone, Vivian Girls Lead Singer

Vivian Girls lead singer and guitarist Cassie Ramone rocking Gemma Lounge for Miami Music Festival.

One of the few acts in the Miami Music Festival with a broad audience, the Brooklyn-based Vivian Girls put on a solid show last night at Gemma Lounge on Lincoln Road. As at every MMF show I attended this year (Cafeina on Thursday night, Tobacco Road and Bardot on Friday night), the crowd was too small for the room and, in this case, too small for the band. But I have already parsed MMF’s issues, and with the festival winding down I am not going to dwell on them much more. If it hopes to join the ranks of SXSW (its benchmark), CMJ, et cetera, MMF must 1) book a headliner whose latest hit was within the last ten years (i.e. not the Spin Doctors); 2) showcase Miami’s best musicians; and 3) get the city excited about (or at least cognizant of) the festival. Accomplishing #2 would go a long way toward taking care of #3. As for #1, this is Miami: I’m sure someone with a career in front of him could be persuaded to spend a weekend on South Beach. (James Murphy seemed to like it here.)

I do realize that, in only its second year, MMF had little chance of achieving greatness. No one should have expected that, and my own asking around suggests that almost no one did. But Miami should expect the festival that bears and profits from its name to get better. That starts with making it part of MMF’s stated mission to showcase more local talent. It starts, let’s hope, next year.


Here are some photos of the Vivian Girls and local punk-gaze trio Beings, who closed down the night at Gemma Lounge.

Vivian Girls at MMF 2010

Vivian Girls drummer Fiona Campbell
Vivian Girls drummer Fiona Campbell

Vivian Girls Kickball Katy Goodman
Vivian Girls bassist, “Kickball Katy” Goodman

Vivian Girls Cassie Ramone
Ramone, lipping the mic

Gemma Lounge crowd

The crowd at Gemma Lounge for MMF 2010
The crowd at Gemma

Beings lead singer at Gemma Lounge
Beings lead singer Ivan Marchena

Photos by Robby Campbell. Click HERE to see all of our photos from the 2010 Miami Music Festival.

3 Comments on “Miami Music Festival Wrap-up: We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year”

  1. 1 FightLikeSteve said at 11:49 am on November 14th, 2010:

    I’ve been reading every post you guys have made on MMF and i’ve gotta say i couldn’t agree more. Aside from making money on the backs of musicians, and local venues that would have otherwise booked the exact same musicians. MMF should probably spend money to make money. Bands should get paid, instead of paying 30 just to submit some music, and it’s a sad story that paying to submit music to many festivals is the standard (MMF, SXSW, FMF). But you are right about the bands. There are more than enough beautiful indie bands that never set foot in miami, and cut their tour short in tally or in orlando, that would be such a pleasure to bring down here. Tera Melos, Maps and Atlases, Ariel Pink, Panda Bear, Wavves, Dom, Ratatat, even the Grand Central frequenting Surfer Blood. All bands that have fan bases and are not a stretch to book like Weezy or Drizzy. It’s ridiculous. You’d think some of these Miami Rappers would show some Miami love, being that Young Money is based here but naw. I guess it just goes to show MMF needs to tighten up if they ever expect to really succeed making a name for our city musically.

  2. 2 Jordan Melnick said at 9:26 am on November 16th, 2010:

    Update: Vivian Girls lead singer on her “sooo uncoool” experience at MMF: County Grind

  3. 3 Anon said at 12:16 am on November 18th, 2010:

    Their drummers name is Fiona Campbell, third drummer since Frankie Rose

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