Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (11/7 – 11/13)

By | November 14th, 2010 | 4 Comments

1. Random Pixels: “Miami-Dade County employees: bringin’ home the bacon!”

Random Pixels reveals that 3,301 Miami-Dade County employees make more than $100K per year, sparks a 20-comment-long debate, and gets the Herald to pick up the story. Not bad for a blog post.

2. Boy Writes Miami: “Santa’s Enchanted Forest”

From its first sentence — “I’ve been to Santa’s Enchanted Forest which by transitive property means I’ve been to Nicaragua” — this post is hilariously harsh. An excerpt: “I find it strange that nowadays parents won’t let their kids play outside in a safe neighborhood unsupervised but they let them board a redneck death box with Cletus duct taping a safety panel.”

3. South Florida Lawyers: “Because the lawyer said it was”

SFL’s throwaway post incites a heated 23-comment-long thread on U.S. torture policy.

4. Obalesque: “Free the Lizard King!”

In a week when Governor Charlie Christ (“the politically dead”) says he might pardon Jim Morrison (“the allegedly dead”) for the Miami Incident, Obalesque recounts The Doors’ infamous Dinner Key Concert in Coconut Grove and the political travishamockery that ensued.

5. Vintage Mavens: “Windy”

This post features some beautiful photos of Vintage Mavens’ better half modeling on a blustery day in South Beach.

6. SFDB: “George W. Bush: The Bestest of Infidels?”

In this post, SFDB tries to beat back the revisionist PR blitz attending George Dubya’s Decision Points book tour while touching up Babalu Blog with a dose of sarcasm.

7. Miami Favs: “Miami Favs #97: Kiteboarding”

Miami Favs’ enthusiasm for her foray into kite boarding is infectious and she paints a funny picture: “if we used the kite that we actually kite board with … let’s just say you would have sworn you’d seen mary poppins flying over downtown miami that weekend. except she would have been screaming. and it would have been me.”

8. Independent Ethos: “Wolf Parade play their hearts out to intimate crowd at Fillmore”

A lengthy concert review of Wolf Parade’s Nov. 10 show at the Fillmore Miami Beach. Replete with photos and videos, the post describes how fewer than 150 people showed up for one of Indie Rock’s most popular acts, prompting singer Spencer Krug to say, “This is our first time in Miami and probably the last … Someone lost a shit ton of money [tonight].”

9. Miami Bike Scene: “Graffiti Bicycle Tour: VIdeo”

This post makes the list both for chronicling in video a cool bike ride and for the snippy exchange in the comments section.

10. Nikon Miami: “Sobe Surf”, “Stay!”, “Play Dead!”

On Saturday, Nikon Miami posted photos that were in turn exhilarating, menacing, and disturbing.


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4 Comments on “Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (11/7 – 11/13)”

  1. 1 Rick said at 6:30 pm on November 14th, 2010:

    I think this should be called “The Beached Miami Weekly Sift”…has a nice ring to it. :)

    Enjoying the blog immensely.


  2. 2 Hans M. said at 10:27 pm on November 14th, 2010:

    Just want to say thanks for the mention. It was one heck of a strange Fillmore night after attending so many sold out or near sold out shows, and these boys rocked. Too bad to anyone who missed it.

  3. 3 Jordan Melnick said at 10:57 pm on November 14th, 2010:

    Too bad to me. I wanted to go but couldn’t make it. Seems like it would have been awkward with so few people in a decent-sized hall.

  4. 4 miamifavs said at 8:51 am on November 15th, 2010:

    i love you guys. =)

    sad about wolf parade; i can’t wait to go to santa’s enchanted forest (i’m buying a candy-cane snuggie for the occasion); i love rick (and am glad he now has to ‘make it on’ a sift (!)) ;) ; annnndddd how did i not know about the graffiti bike tour (sad)!

    xoxo, m

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