Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (11/14 – 11/20)

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Here are ten standout posts, in chronological order, from this week in Miami’s blogosphere.

1. Artlurker: “Improving Everyday Life for the Majority

Al gave a thorough account of an Ikea-subverting exhibition at Christopher Miro, a new downtown art gallery.

2. The Heat Lightning: “O, the things I’ve learned from John Waters

The Heat Lightning declared last week John Waters Week in honor of the filmmaker’s appearance at the Miami Book Fair on Wednesday. This piece did the best job of explaining THL’s love affair with Dirty Boy.

3. Miamism: “Frank Gehry New World Symphony Almost Ready

Miamism gave a lengthy account of a private tour through Frank Gehry’s soon-to-open New World Symphony concert hall. I took a private tour the other day (will post about it soon) and I can attest: the building is awesome.

4. Eye On Miami: “Florida’s Race to The Bottom

Miami’s watchful eye explained, in full and despairing detail, the negative impact Florida’s new government will have on the state’s already groaning environment.

5. Transit Miami: “Pedestrian Hit Near Brickell Avenue

On its crusade to make Brickell Avenue safer for pedestrians and cyclists, Transit Miami posted a letter from a pedestrian who recently got hit by a car there. “I just layed there on my stomach…..the lady driver came over and was crying and I couldn’t move. Another lady came along….put my jacket under my head (which was bleeding) and she called my husband for me.”

6. Sweet Home Hialeah: “How Hialeah Does Daycare

In a photo, SHH seemed to suggest playground equipment should not rise above the height of its surrounding fencing. Novel notion.

7. Under the Sun: In the studio: Carl Hiaasen & Dave Barry

WLRN’s Under the Sun blog has a podcast for download of Dave Barry’s interview with Carl Hiaasen about Hiaasen’s latest, South Florida-inspired novel, Star Island.

8. Nikon Miami: The Neighborhood

The pet paparazzi offer up a selection of photos that features canine characters and a streetwise lizard.

9. Miami Favs: “Miami Favs #97: Big Al’s Gun Range”

Miami Favs chronicled her first time shooting a gun. ‘Nuff said.

10. Bark Bark Woof Woof: “Flying Blind

BBWW shared his worthwhile thoughts on the TSA’s plane-crashing-from-a-terrorist-attack prevention techniques and on how the Republicans exploited 9/11. “We have gotten to the point that regardless of whether or not this new aggressive form of screening is effective; we have institutionalized and improvised our fears of terrorism into an agency of the government.”

As always, many thanks to SFDB for doing the good work of sifting the Miami blogosphere day in and day out. If we missed a good one, let us know in a comment. Click HERE for more Top Ten Miami lists.

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