Top Ten Miami Blog Posts (11/21 – 11/27)

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Here are ten standout posts, in chronological order, from this week in Miami’s blogosphere.

1. Food For Thought: “This Little Piggy Went to P.I.G.”

FFT recounted his succulent sampling of porcine pickings at the second annual P.I.G. (Pig is Good) event, hosted by Chef Jeremiah of gastroPod renown at GAB Studio in Wynwood.

2. The Miami Bike Scene: “Cranksgiving 2010 Recap”

The MBS posted more than 100 photos from Saturday’s second annual Cranksgiving ride, which collected $1,000 in non-perishable food items for Camillus House.

3. Miami Beach 411: “Autumn Music Festival Turns to Street Protest in Downtown Miami”

MB411 gave an extensive account of the “act of sheer defiance” (and deafening stupidity) that ensued after fire marshals shut down Autumn Music Festival last Saturday.

4. Transit Miami: “Street. Art. Cycles: Art Basel Edition”

TM gave us a heads up about a Wynwood bike tour to coincide with Art Basel this week.

5. Boy Writes Miami: “Lost and Found”

BWM gave us his review of the Lost and Found Saloon, a new Southwestern style restaurant in Wynwood. As usual, BWM digressed quite a bit, including one tangent about the Members Only jacket he lost when he was eight years old and apparently found at … the Lost and Found Saloon.

6. Random Pixels: “Miami Tour Company is two years old!”

Random Pixels offered up a behind the scenes look at what makes the Miami Tour Company one of South Florida’s hottest tourist attractions.

7. South Florida Daily Blog: “My Thoughts About TSA Screening Procedures”

SFDB waded into the War on Terrorism debate du jour with some worthwhile insights, including why the Israel comparison doesn’t hold water. “The Israelis have one airport to cover in Israel and somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-50 planes to worry about. Their passenger load is a fraction of ours. Plus they have a citizenry who is willing to pay whatever it takes to keep them safe.”

8. Rev Miami: “Bayside Rocks Photo Journal”

Rev Miami posted a nice set of pics from last Saturday’s reggae festival at Bayfront Park.

9. Morphologic Blog: “Artificial Reef”

Morph explained their first public art project, “a nightly projection series showcasing local coral reef-life in massive scale on prominent buildings across Miami Beach from December second to the fifth. The concrete used in constructing these buildings is largely composed of the pulverized fossils of coral and marine life that once colonized South Florida when submerged in millennia past. The Artificial Reef projections will ‘encrust’ and ‘colonize’ the Wolfsonian Museum, the 407 Building, and the Art Deco Welcome Center facades like rocks of the reef.” THIS WILL BE COOL.

10. Nunez Phototography: “Monkey Island”

NP turned its lens on the adorable, shit-flinging creatures of Monkey Island.

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