Destruction at Fountain Art Fair Shepard Fairey Party

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Imps of Upheaval

The imps of upheaval do the ultra-violent at the Fountain Art Fair in Wynwood. Oh yeah -- there was a giant robot in attendance.

We got to the New Times party at Fountain Art Fair around midnight (been running an hour or so behind the Art Basel express all weekend), just in time to witness the Clockwork Orange-chic crowd do the ultra-violent to a pitiable turquoise sedan, make a few rounds of the exhibition — something like a rash of contemporary art spread across the walls and floors of the Wynwood warehouse space (that’s an endorsement) — and hear Shepard Fairey, of iconic-Obama-hope-poster fame, spin a mediocre DJ set. (Really bummed to miss Celine & The Hellbillies.)

Fountain bills itself as the anti-art-fair art fair, and if “art fair” to you signifies a series of booths composed just so and manned (boyed?) by impeccably dressed cherubs with an ability to assess wealth and purchase-intent in a single upward glance — then Fountain is the opposite of that. With only one day of Art Basel left (TODAY!), you may want to make it over to N. Miami Avenue and 25th Street, perhaps for the live silk screening event starting at 4 p.m. Here are a few pics from last night to entice you — or scare you away.


Car Dancing

Sedan King
“My work here is done.”


Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey on the turntables.

Fountain Crowd

The hipster really does have an awesome power to remain unimpressed.

Faux Four Eyes

Chilling Weird

Taking It In
A moment of clarity …

Hot Legs
… amid chaos.


Photos by Robby Campbell and Branson Lundemo. Click HERE for more Art Basel coverage.

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