Zitfest or Gone West? That is the question.

By | December 16th, 2010 | 4 Comments
Zitfest Flyer

Featuring many of South Florida's best bands, Zitfest I is worth the drive an hour north.

Listen: Zitfest starts tomorrow night, and for the couple of reasons you may not be planning to go — the name grosses you out, the venue is an hour-plus north of Miami — there are plenty of really good reasons you should make the schlep. First of all, the lineup is stacked with many of South Florida’s best bands (even with Lil Daggers dropping out), some of which are on the verge of bursting (like zits — get it?). These include several members of the West Palm Beach contingent (the Jameses, Sumsun, Cop City/Chill Pillars, Dewars, Guy Harvey, The Band in Heaven), the Jacuzzi Boys, and the Vivian Girls-approved girl band Snake Hole. All told, the Zitfest I lineup is responsible for six of the top 10 tunes on our SoFla songs of 2010 list, so you know you’re in for some good listening.

The one substantial argument against attending all of Zitfest is Rachel Goodrich’s Saturday night so-long show at Jimbo’s on Virginia Key. Honestly, we might sacrifice Zitfest’s superb Saturday night lineup to make it over to Jimbo’s for what promises to be a euphonious, open-air farewell. But it is a hard call, especially with the one-two punch of Guy Harvey and the Jameses taking the stage close to midnight over at the Orange Door.

So, what is a South Florida music lover to do? The answer is smile. Having to decide between damn good music over here and damn good music over there is a damn good dilemma — and a new one at that. Other cities should be so lucky. Nonetheless, as Dubya would say, what we have here is a decision point. Where are you headed? Here a few videos to help you decide.

4 Comments on “Zitfest or Gone West? That is the question.”

  1. 1 arielle said at 4:07 pm on December 16th, 2010:

    Also, NERVE CITY IS AWESOME! Give a little shout-out.

    Where is Rachel Goodrich going?

  2. 2 Gabe said at 4:15 pm on December 16th, 2010:

    I have to second the words of the lovely lady. Make sure you catch Nerve City. By far the best band on there.

  3. 3 Jordan Melnick said at 4:18 pm on December 16th, 2010:

    To L.A., I believe.

  4. 4 stevie stank said at 3:50 pm on December 17th, 2010:

    R.G. is a swell gal and all, but there aint no fuckin with the Church of Chill. what’s that smell?

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