Top Ten Miami Music Events in January

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1. Dead Kennedys (January 1 @ Revolution; $24.25)

With a revolving door of Jello substitute (the most current being Skip Greer of the Wynonna Riders), the value of your Kennedys buck is determined by your level of admiration for East Bay Ray and the DK namesake (like the Jerry Only-led Misfits last month). Learn more about the show HERE.

2. The Adolescents w/ Lower Class Brats, Angry Pudding, The Clockouts (January 7 @ Respectable Street; $12 ADV, $13 door)

2011 will mark the 30th anniversary of The Adolescents self-titled debut (aka “The Blue Album”), a pioneering entry into the Bay Area’s hardcore punk scene. In their early 50s, original Adolescents Tony Cadena (vocals), Steve Soto (bass, Agent Orange original), and Frank Agnew (guitar, Social Distortion original) lift their middle fingers to going through the motions (ahem, DK) and still inspire sweaty, tangled masses. If you’ve even used the word “punk” in a sentence, this show is mandatory. Learn more about the show HERE.

3. Sloane Peterson w/ Lemuria, Feathereight (January 8 @ Churchills; $??)

One of Miami’s best punk bands, Sloane Peterson teeter on the verge of powerpop with some sweet melodies. If you haven’t heard their Second Chances EP yet, go git it. Learn more about the show HERE.

4. Of Montreal (January 14 @ Revolution; $33.25)

Kevin Barnes, a kind soul who always pencils in multiple stops throughout Florida, will play from Of Montreal’s 10th full-length release, False Priest, a mixed bag of disco- and R&B-flavored tunes. Like all Of Montreal shows, it will be unpredictable and fantastic. Cross your fingers for Ziggy Stardust covers. Learn more about the show HERE.

5. Cake (January 14 @ Sunset Cove Amphitheatre; $40.90)

Like Jim Gaffigan said, “Pie can’t compete with cake. Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen.” Cake rules, in other words. Frontman John McCrea’s deadpan brilliance comes to town in support of Showroom of Compassion (due out January 11), the band’s first full-length studio release in seven years. Learn more about the show HERE.

6. Jacuzzi Boys (January 14 @ Churchills; $??) SHOW CANCELLED

Jacuzzi Boys round out a busy Friday night for Miami music lovers. Expect a good show: the hometown trio always tear it up at Church.

7. No Age (January 18 @ Grand Central; $??)

Noise rock deities Randy Randall and Dean Spunt return to Miami for a third time in less than year. “No Age and Miami sitting in a tree” … Learn more about the show HERE.

8. Tokyo Police Club (january 28 @ Culture Room; $14.99)

O Canada! These young Ontarians are stationed in the modern camp of Brit rock, carrying pretty pop melodies with shrieking electrics. When they do let loose in front of a crowd (and they do!), TPC pulls no amplified punches. Learn more about the show HERE.

9. NOFX (January 28 @ Revolution)

Party hearty with Fat Mike, El Jefe and the Eric(k)s. Just don’t drink the tequila.

10. Little Dragon (January 28 @ Electric Pickle)

This Swedish electronic act has feelers all over the music world (collaborators include Gorillaz, Dave Sitek and Jose Gonzalez), reflecting the demand of their sweeping productions. Relaxing and tap-and-bob worthy, Little Dragon’s atmospheric music sounds like Daft Punk remixing Beach House with lots of old school beats in between. Learn more about the show HERE .

***Honorable Mentions***

ANR, Beings, The Band in Heaven, Sumsun (January 15 @ Little Munich; $5)

All of these bands are well worth the price of admission. The only reason this show is not in the top ten is that, being in Lake Worth, Little Munich might as well be as far as Big Munich. Same consideration kept this January 29 Hear Hums, Attached Hands, Sumsun show off the top ten.

The Queers w/ The Apers (January 15 @ Churchills; $??)

The Queers at Churchills is the perfect band in the perfect venue. Joe Queer is still popping out surfy Ramones-inspired punk, releasing Back to the Basement this past year. It’s choppy, catchy, and funny (check out the 50-second GG Allin rip “I Knew GG When He Was a Wimp”). With this steady influx of classic punk, I’d go shave my head if the hair hadn’t already fallen out.

Robin Trower (January 27 @ Culture Room; $24.99)

Trower ’s playing — first heard in The Paramounts, then made famous in Procol Harum — screams with versatility, ranging from dark, melodic early metal to psychedelic Jimi-blues. If you think you’re in for an old-guy show, check out this video (and no, that’s not Steven Schirripa on drums).

William Alton is a Miami native who writes for The Big Takeover magazine online and blogs about music at Heaven Is Loud.

3 Comments on “Top Ten Miami Music Events in January”

  1. 1 Jacuzzi Boys' "Space Cake '85" from Seahawks & Peacocks | Beached Miami said at 5:52 am on January 7th, 2011:

    […] Cake ’85!” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the crowd singing along when the Boys play Churchill’s on Jan. 14. Until then, have a […]

  2. 2 Nicks said at 9:27 pm on January 23rd, 2011:

    Hey, awesome list. i want to bring my boyfriend whose much younger then me 17 to Tokyo Police Club @ Culture Room. Do they require id to enter??

  3. 3 Jordan Melnick said at 9:54 pm on January 23rd, 2011:

    Thanks Nicks. Ticketmaster says “On sale to the general public”. I think your boyfriend’s all clear.

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