What to do tonight?

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I’m torn between Arboles Libres at The Stage (my first experience at the venue notwithstanding) and Ernest Greene’s solo project Washed Out and ANR at Eve. Since we covered Arboles Libres’ damn good November Churchill’s show, Ernest Greene may have the new-experience edge. I don’t know Greene’s music, but his 2009 EP Life of Leisure got an 8.0 from the dicks at Pitchfork, so it’s probably really good or really bad. (Our resident music nerd William Alton assures me it’s the former.) Throw ANR into the mix and I’m probably breaking Eve’s way. It’s still early, however, and I’m definitely open to suggestions and/or overzealous urging one way or the other. In fact, feel free to point me in another direction entirely. Just don’t recommend Tootsie’s. One, my lady reads this blog, and two, I can always go there after either show.*

Here is a video from each of the competitors in this zero-sum game to help you help me decide.

* I’m kidding, of course. My lady never reads this blog. Thus, my Tootsie’s joke.

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