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By | January 26th, 2011 | 1 Comment
1111 Lincoln Road

The NYT's 1111 Lincoln Road piece focused on a recent wedding held on the garage's top floor -- Iwan Baan Photography

As a regular New York Times reader, I haven’t always cared for the Grey Lady’s tone in its Miami coverage. During Art Basel, for example, the paper seemed to seize every opportunity to emphasize the ostensible contradiction of a high art festival set in the low culture tropics (see “An Art Costco for Billionaires”). Because of this history of condescension, I was surprised to see Miami pop up in so many NYT stories this week, and scarcely a back-handed remark in the bunch. They include a gushing review of the New World Symphony’s new Frank Gehry-designed concert hall, a piece on the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage (“an entirely new form … a piece of carchitecture”), and a positive review of “Learning to Die in Miami” by Carlos Eire. There’s also a piece about the grand piano discovered Monday night on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay. That article did contain a mildly snooty quote — “Maybe it was used for a models’ shoot” — but it was a Fort Lauderdale piano peddler who said it, not the Times’ writer. And, you know, he lives in Fort Lauderdale — let him have his kicks.

Here are the stories in chronological order.

1. “More Students Seek Avenues to Gay-Friendly Colleges”

2. “Book Review: Lost Boy”

3. “Gehry Design Plays Fanfare for the Common Man”

4. “A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space, Too.”

5. “A Mystery in Black and White on Biscayne Bay”

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  1. 1 arielle said at 10:38 am on January 27th, 2011:

    NYTimes also had Miami on its list of 41 places to go in 2011, don’t forget that one!

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