A stroll through Soundscape

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Last night I walked over to New World Symphony’s new Miami Beach campus and found the mega projector in Soundscape, a 2.5 acre public park with a really bad name, beaming a series of images onto the 7,000-square-foot plaster wall of the Frank Gehry-designed concert hall.

I believe each slide consisted of the “shards” of images of the campus under construction as if frozen in mid shatter (but maybe someone spiked my vitamin water). The image resolution was incredible, and watching concerts and films in Soundscape should pretty much rule. (NB: The first “Wallcast” is this Friday night, free of charge.)

Last night’s slideshow did not transition smoothly from image to image (à la your typical Mac fade-and-zoom photo slideshow) but in a measured, slowly-turning-gear kind of way. For the hell of it, I took a series of photos of the projection wall as the images cycled and decided to try to duplicate the effect with an animated .gif, something I’d never made before. (Again, I suspect the water.) You can check out the result after the jump, as we have a strict policy against moving objects on our front page.

Click the image to get it going. Warning: I didn’t figure out how to let you stop the animation once it starts, so you’ll have to refresh the page to keep from going insane. (Suggested drink pairing: vitamin water.)

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