Sneak Listen: Two tracks off upcoming Lil Daggers LP

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Four of the five Daggers awash in ameoba at Discosoma HQ.

With the release of their King Corpse EP last year following the split 7” b/w Satan’s Youth Ministers, Lil Daggers (Livid Records) honed their nefarious stoned-at-midnight blues and proved themselves to be one of Miami’s most promising acts. On April 12, after more than two years as a band, the fivesome will finally feed the rock-hungry public an LP: Lil Daggers, an 11-song collection of murky psych rock. Discosoma Records is also releasing a limited-run Lil Daggers 7” in early March, featuring “Sweetwater” (exclusive to the Discosoma release) and “Slave Exchange”, which is also on the forthcoming LP.

Lil Daggers guitarist Jacob Israel leaked us two tracks off of the upcoming release and took some time to chat via email about Lil Daggers, getting tagged with the “garage” label, and the blade slinger lurking within organist Reuben Molinares.

“Past Due”

“Past Due”

“Give Me The Pill”

“Give Me The Pill”

This is the band’s first full-length — what was it like making your first LP?

Jacob Israel: Recording anything is always more work, time, and money than originally anticipated. At least for us it is. We all love writing and recording music, so it’s always a good time. And for me, the rest of the dudes are my closest friends, so hanging out and recording is just like hanging out.

What’s your favorite song from the new batch?

JI: I don’t know. I’d have to say “Past Due” just because it sounds kinda evil to me.

Having listened to some of the new songs, the music retains its organ-centric murkyness. You ever gonna get tired of the “garage” label?

JI: We have all been tired of it since day one. I know we have an organ player, but I don’t think that automatically makes us a garage band. When listening back to this record, I felt like we would surely be dropped from the “garage” sounds.

Reuben is a shy fellow. Any plans to torture him by setting up his organ kit front and center stage?

JI: You can’t make Reuben do anything he doesn’t want to do. Don’t let his small stature and kind smile fool you. He will be the first one to pick up a knife and stab you. Seriously. Don’t fuck with him.


Lil Daggers Track Listing

1. Wasting
2. Slave Exchange
3. The Ghost Herd
4. Past Due
5. Pignose
6. Gimme the Pill
7. Dada Brown
8. Wicked Lady Jam
9. Strange Wolf
10. Dead Golden Girls
11. Pair of Lives

Upcoming Tour Schedule

March 18: Atlanta @ TBA
March 19: Nashville @ TBA
March 20: Indianapolis @ TBA
March 21: Chicago @ The Empty Bottle w/ Killer Moon
March 22: Detroit @ PJs Lager House
March 23: Pittsburgh @ TBA
March 24: Philadelphia @ TBA w/ Wild Yaks
March 25: NY, NY @ Coco66 w/ Wild Yaks
March 26: Jersey @ TBA w/ Wild Yaks
March 27: DC @ U Music Hall w/ Wild Yaks, Jacuzzi Boys, Jeff the Brotherhood
March 29: Richmond @ TBA
March 30: Raleigh @ Spazz w/ Royal Bangs
March 31: Savannah @ Hangfire
April 1: Gainesville @ Junkyard

You can catch Lil Daggers playing some of their new material at Bardot Saturday night.

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