New Sam Friend video: ‘Part of the Show’

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Well, it’s a good day for local music, with Lil Daggers leaking, the Dewars daytrotting, and now Sam Friend dining with a bitch named Layla in his new video for “Part of the Show”, a catchy track off of Friend’s 2008 Secure and Fastened for Daisy Buchanan. Here’s the video followed, after the jump, by Sam Friend and director Adam Fairholm giving some background.

Sam Friend on the “Part of the Show” video

So Derek Fairholm plays keys in my band, and is a musician I heavily dig. He was telling me about this [documentary] film [Pope Michael] he was working on with his brother Adam.

I thought the doc was a success, and turns out [Adam] was into my sound. He wanted to make a music video, and I wanted to win an Oscar. Can you even win an Oscar in a music video? Or does the academy frown on that sort of thing? A Grammy Oscar hybrid? A Grammar? That’s actually not bad. Anyways it’s nice to work with people whose work you like.

I asked Adam to pick any song he’d like to direct a video for. He chose “Part of the Show”. I figured it was as good a choice as any. I’d let any of my songs play with visuals if I met the visual’s parents first. Adam seemed responsible, not the type to drop a camera on its head. And so without any detailed reasons, the whole idea seemed to make enough sense to try. Like ok, let’s get to work.

I hope this explanation made some sense.

Adam Fairholm on filming “Part of the Show”

Shot last December, the video is taken from one of my favorite games (when I lived in a place where I had cable): finding something ridiculous on TV and watching it. I love scrolling through Comcast at any given time and seeing stuff that really has no place being seen by other people. A need for too much niche programming has left a glut of shows that are cheaply made and insanely targeted. Just thinking about how many shows there are about people baking cakes.

Anyways, I wrote out a treatment that ended up being fairly close to the final product. The apartment scenes were done in downtown Miami when my brother and his girlfriend were moving out of their apartment so it was completely bare. “Swagger” was shot down the street in Miami, and the dog dinner scene as well as “Bulb Buddies” was shot at Doug Klinger’s parents house in Pompano Beach. Thanks to Doug’s parent’s awesome rooftop deck and a patient dog (Layla), we were able to get some awesome rooftop shots which we under-lit to give the feeling of a crappy daytime movie.

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