Beautiful Barnacle

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Father and son (presumably) scoping out Biscayne Bay from the Barnacle's front yard.

Well, Emerge Miami did plan a perfect picnic, but a cold bitch named Rain went ahead and ruined it. The plan was for a couple hundred cyclists to ride from the Vizcaya Metro Station to the Glaser Organic Farmer’s Market in the Grove, pick up some grub, and then head over for said picnic at Barnacle Historic State Park, one of 53 state parks the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has proposed closing to cut its budget. The park gets its name from the 120-year-old former home of ingenious seaman Ralph Middleton Munroe, aka the Commodore. The porch-wrapped bungalow appears at the end of a long tree-lined path and commands a view of the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve (which the FDEP also proposed closing). Emerge had planned to launch a letter-writing campaign against the proposed closures at the picnic, but evidently Rain is a DINO. We went over to the Barnacle around noon, during a lull in the drizzle, and took some photos of the small, beautiful park, which will hopefully remain open long enough to host many other picnics to come.

A path through a hardwood hammock leads visitors from Main Street, Coconut Grove, to the Commodore’s bungalow.

Behind the Barnacle

The view from the Barnacle’s front porch

This is the boat house that the Commodore built.

Bay worthy


Pictures are worth thousands of words. Nonetheless, here is a list of articles and blog posts about the Barnacle/BBAP issue.

1. “State Parks Should Not Close”, Transit Miami (Feb. 10)

2. “Students push back against Florida’s state park closures”, (Feb. 7)

3. “53 state parks, six aquatic preserves might close”, Beached Miami (Feb. 4)

4. “To bottom-line state, historic jewels like the Barnacle aren’t worth much”, Miami Herald (Feb. 2)

5. “The Barnacle on Florida State Park Closure List”, Eye on Miami (Jan. 30)

All photos by Robby Campbell. Check out more on Picasa.

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