Rachel Goodrich New Album Out on iTunes

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Early this morning, Miami’s favorite ladybug dropped her self-titled second album from her home away from home in Los Angeles. For those of us who caught Rachel Goodrich live plenty in the months leading up to her westward move, many of the 11 tracks on the new album will be familiar (“Lightbulb”, “Morning Light”, “Na Na Na”). But there are some never-heard-befores, and expect to hear the influence of producer Greg Wells, who has worked with a mixed bag of pop artists (Katy Perry, Mika, Pink, Rufus Wainwright, the Deftones).

Goodrich evidently took full advantage of Wells’ well-stocked studio, incorporating a charango, pump organ, whistles, a kazoo (of course), bells, and other “obscure objects” into her Tinker Toys follow up. I haven’t heard the entire album yet (just finished downloading). But judging from the preview clips on iTunes, listeners are in for a memorable and perhaps surprising trip. The swing from pop piano ballad “Let Me Go” to the super silly “G-Dino” to the slow and sultry “Fire” (video below) alone may throw even long-time Goodrich fans for a loop. But what else would you expect from a Miami gal who can find it in her tropical heart to love a polar bear?

Check out Rachel Goodrich on iTunes.

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