Fernando Perdomo’s SXSW Picks

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Fernando Perdomo is the guitar hero of Dreaming in Stereo and mastermind of Miami-based Forward Motion Records. Perdomo recently took his act to Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW, March 11 – March 20), an annual festival of music, technology, and film. For those of us who didn’t get to go, he jotted down some notes on his favorite acts (and least-favorite person). You might recognize a few of the names on the list — the first list, that is. I embedded a few of the bands’ videos at random. The Rooney vid is pretty epic, in a vulnerable vampire kinda way.

SXSW Picks

Moneybrother: Springsteen meets The Clash with heavy Swede accents

Edwyn Collins: The singer of “A girl like you” returns after a double brain hemorrhage almost killed him and left him partially paralyzed.. his new songs killed me.. and he had so much passion

Taylor Locke & The Roughs: The return of the Guitar Hero who can write amazing pop songs… he pulled a Albert Collins and ran into the crowd with a long cable for his final guitar solo to the delight of ever female audience member who may remember that he is Mischa Barton’s ex

Rachel Goodrich: Her new song “Monster Mash” is the next “Fuck You”.. someone needs to record that like yesterday and release it

ANR: John Hancock can play Sing, Play Drums, and keyboards and the same time.. and Brian Robertson was the best bass player I saw the entire festival.. on a Moog Synthesizer no less

Nicole Atkins: Chills all over my body with the emotional voice of Nicole and the masterful slide guitar playing of Irina Yalkowsky… extra points for Nicole’s see through ball gown exposing the trendy hot pants underneath

The Autumn Defense: Two members of Wilco prove they can also write amazing songs without the help of Jeff Tweedy… Pat Sansone is Paul McCartney meets Emmit Rhodes

Hurray for the Riff Raff: Lesbian country band with a gender bending fiddle player and a singer who successfully wore a beehive hairdo and grandmas glitter flapper dress with lyrics like “Hey girl in yellow, why are you with that fellow, no one can love you like I do”

Allan Stone: The next Daryl Hall… his song “Sacrifice” is a hit that got cheers with every chorus”
Hank and Cupcakes: imagine Lady Gaga playing drums standing up in a see through shirt with no bra on.. their cover of “Shes lost control” by Joy Division was a highlight with a new concept… the wacky flailing arm inflatable tube man dance

Pretty Please: Scary Pop with amazing outfits and projections and songs that are so catchy yet simple … “L.O.V.E. Love.. I hate your fucking guts”

Laura Warshauer: pint sized pop queen who writes her own material and played a short 5 song set that was absolute perfect pop .. she gave a clinic in working a crowd

Mona: Nashville screamy rock with hooks.. Lead singer has a wicked voice

The New Mastersounds: English funk band which sounded alot like the Crusaders.. Wah Wah fever!!!

Rooney : Robert Schwartzman did the most epic crowd surf I have ever seen with his guitar still on. Encore after encore they may have played the longest set I saw at SXSW which was well deserved

Official SXSW Douche Bag

Matt Nathanson: His demographic is 14 to 18 year old girls and he made some sick remarks on the microphone between his stale AOR pop like “All those years of jerking off never prepared me for playing a maraca for 3 minutes straight” and “This song is like watching Red Shoe Diaries when you are 13 jerking off because cus you saw a boob” and my favorite “this song features a horn section that’s under stage: refering to the backing tracks he was playing to. LAME!!!!

2 Comments on “Fernando Perdomo’s SXSW Picks”

  1. 1 Amanda said at 10:35 pm on March 25th, 2011:

    a) douchebag = one word. use the insult correctly.

    b) if you’re offended by what matt says, you need a sense of humor.

    c) i’m not 14-18. i’m 27. been a fan of matt’s since i was 19. so you’re wrong there too.

    d) those 14-18 year olds own one of his songs. then there those like us that have all his albums. they’re a poor representation and they annoy the shit out of me too.

    e) rooney is terrible. how do you like them apples?

  2. 2 Sloth of Agnar said at 5:26 pm on March 28th, 2011:


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