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Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious -- if it's cool with him, it's cool with us.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally got ourselves an events page. See the link up there in the header? You can also find the page at beachedmiami.com/events. Listings are user-generated, meaning we are not going to stock the shelves ourselves. Rather YOU can submit events by filling out a very simple form (there is a big green link to the submission form on the events page). As for moderation, we will approve anything Sid Vicious wouldn’t have found appalling. Since no one likes to be the first guy at the party, we’ve gone ahead and submitted a handful of upcoming events. From here on out, consider mi events page su events page. Comprende?

Besides that, we’ve also got the April top tens . . . two and a half of ‘em. March came in like a lion and galloped away like a mustang. I’d be sad to see it go if April didn’t promise to rock so freaking hard (and if March weren’t taking Ultra/WMC with it — woohoo!). With O, Miami, Sweatstock, the Borscht Film Festival, and a ton of other goodies all due over the next 30 days, this month may actually be the one that kills me. At least I’ll die a happy man. To those of you planning to live to see May, I present the April lists.

1. Top Ten Music Events, including Dr. Dog and Record Store Day

2. Top Ten Bike Events, including the Emerge Miami Street. Art. Cycles ride through Wynwood

3. Top Five Art Events, including the opening of Jillian Mayer’s first solo show

If you have anything to add to any of the lists, please feel free to do so in a comment.

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