Top Five Art Events in April

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NB: The following list does not include any O, Miami events because, frankly, the festival deserves its own list. Check out and our O, Miami coverage to see for yourself.

1. Domingo Castillo and Ragnar Kjartansson @ MoCA (ongoing)

Heading into their first full month, MoCA’s two current shows — At Capacity and Open Process — aren’t all they’re touted to be. But between them, the exhibitions feature two of the most compelling works I’ve seen in a long time. Miami’s own Domingo Castillo presents a site-specific piece that is filled with other artists’ work, a research library and installation that is both obvious and brilliant. Ragnar Kjartansson’s video/performance/installation at the opposite end of the museum is nothing short of breathtaking, a 30-minute video that gave me goosebumps. Learn more HERE.

2. The Wilderness @ Miami Art Museum (ongoing)

I went to the opening of The Wilderness, a group exhibition of film and sculptural exhibitions “exploring the real or imagined boundaries between tamed and untamed nature”, and I plan to see it again. It is a carefully curated journey well worth taking twice. Learn more HERE.

3. LegalArt’s – Private Eye at The Residency (April 7)

LegalArt is eight years old and this, their inaugural event, promises to draw all of Miami’s art world, including artists-in-residence Daniel Arsham, TM Sisters, Agustina Woodgate, Loriel Beltram, Pachi Giustinian, Manny Prieres, Carlos Ascurra (Viking Funeral), Jiae Hwang, Laura Hita, and Alfio Demestre. Learn more HERE.

4. Jillian Mayer: Family Matters @ David Castillo Gallery (opens April 9)

Fresh from a whirlwind year that included having her short film “Scenic Jogging” chosen in MoCA’s Optic Nerve and the Guggenheim Museum’s Youtube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video, Jillian Mayer now has her first solo show at David Castillo. Learn more HERE.

5. All-Media Florida Juried Biennial @ Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (opens April 29)

Jurors Michelle Weinberg (Girls’ Club) and Scott Murray (Twenty Twenty Projects) have stocked this year’s Biennial with some of Florida’s best at their best. In all, 34 artists submitted 824 works, including original paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photography, video, computer-generated images, performances, and site-specific installations. Learn more HERE.

Misael Soto is a South Florida artist who works at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and blogs at Art. Music. Film. Whatever.

2 Comments on “Top Five Art Events in April”

  1. 1 Giovanna said at 2:11 pm on April 4th, 2011:

    Loved Domingo’s work at MOCA, can’t wait to go back

  2. 2 Christopher Miro Gallery said at 5:05 pm on April 5th, 2011:

    #6 (of the top 10)
    Reinier Gamboa @ Christopher Miro Gallery (opens April 9)
    “Elemental”, April 9th – May 7th, 2011
    221 NE 17th Street Miami, FL 33132

    Learn more HERE

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