Day of NOX, STACKS Tix Giveaway

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Silas Riener, mid NOX

Tonight, at the Moore Building in the Design District, poet Anne Carson will read from her latest work, NOX, a meditation on the death of Carson’s brother, as dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener perform to the music of Ben Miller. Those are the facts. The reality defies description. It will have to suffice to say that Anne Carson is as much priestess as poetess, that Mitchell and Riener can express volumes of emotion with a single ankle turn, and that Miller’s music seems the soundtrack of a dark night in the wilderness of a distant planet.

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of watching a run-through of the performance, one of two Carson collaborations in the O, Miami program. The cumulative impact of Carson’s voice (recorded and live), the dancers’ bodies, and the musician’s instruments all striving to make sense of enormous loss was one of the most intense things I’ve seen. I could not recommend this performance strongly enough. If you are going to attend one O, Miami event, this should be it. It is NOT too late to buy a ticket.

The other Carson piece, STACKS, a collaboration with choreographer Jonah Bokaer and sculptor Peter Cole, is on Friday night, also at the Moore Building. General admission tickets are still available for $30, but we have two tickets to give away to each of the first five people who scream STACKS! on our Facebook page (i.e., 10 tickets in total). [Update: All tickets have been claimed.]

Before you hie to Facebook, check out our photos from the NOX run-through. They give but an inkling of what we’re in for tonight.

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