Plains leak ‘Black Feeling’

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'Innovator' b/w 'Stuck In The Night' 7"

Cover of Plains 'Innovator' b/w 'Stuck In The Night' 7"

Despite a 7” release on Discosoma Records and a smattering of impressive singles, Miami-based foursome Plains is a little known quantity in the Magic City. It’s not all that surprising since their last show was six months ago (at Beings’ 7” Discosoma release party at the Vagabond). Thankfully, that’s about to change as Plains is plotting a string of local shows in May and June to coincide with the release of their self-titled, 14-track debut on 10K Island Records.

To whet our appetites, the band — fronted by Michael McGinnis and joined by ANR’s John Hancock, Discosoma’s Jared McKay, and Jorge Gonzalez Gaupera — leaked us “Black Feeling”, a track off the upcoming album and another shining example of their ability to craft moving punk-guided rock.

While their previous single, “Innovator” (#10 on our Top 15 South Florida Songs of 2010 list) is all distortion and drone, “Black Feeling” is built on a jagged, squealing guitar. Both songs, however, incorporate rotating jazzy basslines to emit a sweetly handsome sound. The overall effect is what normally gets termed early indie rock, a learned creature of punk, rock, and funk with all annoying subgenre terminology in between. In a word, good.

“Black Feeling” — Plains

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