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From battle bots to a tower constructed of hair (Rapunzel’s, presumably) to Jillian Mayer’s viral-vying music video to her unborn grandchild, last night’s art walk had a lot going on. Even showing up before sunset and the walk running later than ever didn’t give me time to see everything I wanted to. But once you witness a child’s sloppy entry into the world through her mother’s dilated vagina, you’ve sort of seen enough, right? Here are some photos from the walk.

Agustina Woodgate’s “No Rain No Rainbows”, a 9.5′ x 16′ rug made of recycled stuffed animals skins, at Spinello Gallery in the Design District

From Mayer’s Family Matters solo show at David Castillo Gallery in Wynwood

Family Matters features three videos: graphic footage of the birth of a child (supposedly Mayer herself); Mayer in a series of costumes — from Antoinette-era courtesan to wrinkled-faced baby — singing “I am your grandma” over a catchy/annoying electro loop; and a relatively humdrum piece where two pajama-clad figures move around awkwardly in front of a stone wall. This last invites viewers to don old-school 3D glasses (to no effect).

Breaking it down

Borscht Film Festival staged a battle-bot fight in Wynwood Market to promo a screening of Joey Daoud’s film Bots High at O, Cinema. This was the mascot.

Not to be outdone by robots, a troupe of yogis put on their own demonstration in the Wynwood Walls.

He was not a part of it.

Also weird.

Back at Spinello Gallery . . .

. . . the aforementioned tower constructed of hair, also by Woodgate. (Also weird.)

All photos by Robby Campbell (@photogrobby). Check out pics from last month’s Miami Art Walk, and learn more about Miami Art Walk in our topics section.

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