Pix from Borscht After Party at Villa 221

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Back up by Robby Campbell

Borscht @ Arsht | Photo by Robby Campbell
The Borscht Film Festival rolled at the Arsht Center downtown on Saturday night (see review). Nineteen films, a lot of dead animals, and an Uncle Luke stump speech later, the audience moved a few blocks north to Villa 221 for the after party.

Animal Tropical by Robby Campbell
Animal Tropical (above) and ANR took the stage at Villa 221. Members of both bands were involved in Borscht 7 films, including Animal Tropical lead singer Jose Castello, who appeared in a film by drummer Jorge Rubiera (background) called Birdwatchers

Crowd by Robby Campbell
Some people really liked the music.

Look up by Robby Campbell

Miami Rumble by Robby Campbell
Borscht commissioned a video game called Battle Royal Bro that pitted Miami personages against one another in a digital death match.

Speech by Robby Campbell
Borscht Minister of Propaganda and master of ceremonies Nick Ducassi

Borscht Crew by Robby Campbell
Sundry Borscht crew members, including director Lucas Leyva (white shirt, top right, Camera #6) and Jillian Mayer (kneeling, bottom left, Camera #11)

Back up by Robby Campbell

Jillian Mayer y Lucas Leyva by Robby Campbell
Stars of the show: Mayer and Leyva

Jorge Rubiera by Robby Campbell

Light by Robby Campbell

Ciara by Robby Campbell

Borscht’s Capporegime of Production Jonathan David Kane (left)

Bird Giver by Robby Campbell

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