Top Five Art Events in May

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1. New Methods Symposium @ MoCA (May 4 – 6)

If I could clear out any three days for art this month, it would be for MoCa’s examination of the practices of leading contemporary arts organizations in Latin America. With the vast perspective it promises to provide visitors, New Methods could be ever-present MoCA Associate Curator Ruba Katrib’s most important contribution to the South Florida arts community yet. Learn more HERE.

2. Contemporary Artistic Production Talks @ 801 Projects (May 4 and May 11; 7 p.m. – 9 pm)

For the serious art lover, the final two talks in this series will delve into contemporary artistic production and the institutional systems of art. These lectures seem tailor-made for practicing artists such as myself, out of school, who are still finding it difficult to navigate the rough waters of the contemporary art world. Conducted by art critic and independent curator, José Antonio Navarrete, each Spanish-language lecture is two hours, followed by a bit of Q & A. Learn more HERE.

3. Dialect: Image is Everything @ Brew Urban Cafe (Thursday, May 12; 8:30 – 12:30)

Presented solely by Fort Lauderdale talent, Dialect is put together every month by DJ collective Twilight Notes, Brew Urban Cafe, and (as of lately) Freedom Art, the design moniker of artist/designer Jose Lopez. Image Is Everything, their first strictly photographic exhibition, will feature photographs by well established professionals as well as emerging locals working in the regionally popular (and ever-growing) medium: Vionette Torres, Daniel Lateulade, Kara Lynn, Janelle Proulx, David Lloyd, Ben Coppelman, Nate Dodd, Danny Hammontree, and Sam Robies. Besides the art on the walls, there’ll be great music, presenting the perfect opportunity to meet and catch-up with many of Fort Lauderdale’s most creative young people.

4. Performance by Xavier Cha @ De La Cruz Collection (Saturday, May 14; 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.)

Honestly, I don’t understand what Cha is up to with this performance, but it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve seen before in Miami. Here’s the description:

In February of 2011, artist-in-residence Xavier Cha created an open casting call for actors. After receiving more than 50 head shots within one week, she narrowed down the selection to 20 actors to audition for 3 parts.

The three parts of the audition are based on familiar cinematic conventions with no dialogue. Although the subtle gestures listed on the casting call are open to personal interpretation, they are mostly mimetic of something one has already seen on screen.
The first part of the auditions were open to a public audience on the second floor of the Collection during the Second Saturday Art Walk in February. With the actors Cha has selected from these auditions, she, with the assistance of a crew and professional film apparatus, will attempt through multiple takes to capture a ‘close’ representation of these familiar shots during the three hours of Art Walk on May 14.

As I said, I’m not sure what to expect from Cha’s performance, but mystery is a rare quality in art these days. For that alone I’ll be at the De La Cruz come May 14. Learn more HERE.

5. Sight Specific @ Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

In a museum known for playing it safe, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale’s Chief Exhibition Designer Freddy Jouwayed has put together a fearlessly curated show that includes site-specific works by some of Miami’s best: Clifton Childree, Kyle Trowbridge, Gavin Perry, and Juan Maristany. The show opened on April 22 and will be on display through September 4. Full disclosure: I performed at the opening of Sight Specific. The exhibition will soon feature video and remnants of my performance. Learn more HERE.

Misael Soto is a South Florida artist who works at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and blogs at misaelsoto.tumblr.

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