ANR ‘Stay Kids’ video

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ANR duo Michael-John Hancock and Brian Robertson are Miami synth rockers with limey alter egos. The pair are signed to London-based record label Something In Construction, are currently on a 12-date U.K. tour, and have the British daily newspaper The Guardian thoroughly charmed.

Back in October, ANR (formerly Awesome New Republic) was the Guardian’s Band of the Day. Writer Paul Lester called “Stay Kids”, the title track of the band’s latest album (officially released in March), “amazing … a marvel of melodic majesty and cosmic funk, like some weird hybrid of Red Hot Chili Peppers and MGMT.”

Today, Hancock and Robertson showed their appreciation by debuting the “Stay Kids” video on the Guardian’s music blog (called, with classic dryness, “Music Blog”). Made by Miami filmmaker Jorge Rubiera, the video features ANR surrounded by instrument-armed kids and fan-blown balloons. It begins with Hancock sticking his drumsticks in his mouth walrus-style, and quickly moves on to him pulling off one tight t-shirt only to reveal another one underneath. It’s a funny gag and a reminder that the chorus — “Stay young!” — is a directive to himself as much as to the rug rats around him.

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