Podcast #14: Alone on a bike from Miami to San Fran

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Mario Renteria

Mario Renteria snapping a picture of himself along A1A as he makes his way from Miami to San Francisco.

On this week’s podcast, we hear from Mario Renteria, a 23-year-old FIU mechanical engineering student who, on Monday, started a 45-day bike ride from his West Miami home to San Francisco by himself. With only two shirts and two shorts to his name, Renteria is planning to bike 75 miles per day through Alabama, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah before hitting the West Coast (assuming he survives a forced feeding of lovebugs as he makes his way out of the Sunshine State). I caught up with him by phone Monday evening, after his first day of riding, to talk about what the hell possessed him to bike 3,228 miles from sea to shining sea on his lonesome and why the journey is worth losing his job.

You can follow Renteria’s trip on his blog, For No Particular Reason, which he plans to update everyday with pictures and a recap of the day’s ride. With the open road as his story arc, it promises to be a damn good read.

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