Last show, last song: Beings’ ‘Scumbag Party”

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As we wrote in the previous post, raucous art rockers Beings — Ivan Marchena, Beatriz Monteavaro, Mike Alen — have called it quits after about two years as a band and only two releases (a self-titled album and a 7″ through Discosoma Records). Frontman Marchena told us he’s simply tired of the “band thing” after 15 years, and Wednesday night’s final show probably didn’t reenergize him. Visibly and vocally frustrated at the sound in Bardot, Marchena was either apologizing or cursing for most of the set. “My guitar doesn’t usually sounds like this,” he said after one song. Later, when Marchena waded into the crowd mid-song, took off his guitar, and abandoned it to a girl sitting at the bar, it was clear he’d had enough.

Still, Marchena was being overly self-critical on a night he wanted to go off without a hitch. Beings’ last set might not have been perfect, but it was pretty damn good, with drummer Monteavaro abusing the toms with a grin and bassist Alen bouncing around until his glasses fell off. The small crowd gathered to commemorate Beings’ disbandment cheered throughout the bitter-sweet show, and after the last song a few dudes scrambled to snatch the band’s set list as a keepsake.

The show ended on a pitch-imperfect note when the DJ cued up Neil Young’s “Ohio” while Marchena was saying his thank yous and before the last song, “Scumbag Party”, was over (see video above). The band did the right thing and muted the house speakers with a frenzied burst of noise.

‘Cuz, you know, the show must go on.

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