Another Sketchy artist: Carrie Sieh

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As promised in this morning’s post, here is your introduction to Carrie Sieh, an artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex and one of the too-talented locals who will be on hand to do flash portraits at our Sketchy Miami launch party on June 30. (See Facebook for full event details.)

Who are you? What is your Miami connection?

CS: I’m a mixed media artist, knitter, and lover of puns. I have a degree in Library and Information Science as well as in art, so I’m prone to spontaneous organizing of objects and stern shushing of obnoxious children. I came to Miami from San Francisco a few years ago when my husband got a job as an English Literature professor at UM.

Sieh’s Sketchy Miami portrait of Lissette Guido

How would you define your style? Your process?

CS: I’m interested in details and contrasts, in materials, techniques, and concepts. I often incorporate some kind of needlework, but in non-traditional ways. I knit with plastic and wire, embroider photographs and computer discs, sew with cassette tape — that sort of thing. The themes and images I like to work with most have to do with intersections of technology, gender, and nature. Often my process begins with a book I’m reading or a new technique I learn about, and a project will evolve out of that.

Do you have a favorite portrait in the history of art? Why?

CS: Romaine Brooks’ 1923 self-portrait is one of my top favorites. I love that there are more noticeable brushstrokes in the background than in most of the figure, and the subtle intensity in her face.

Not yet titled – Embroidery on silver gelatin print (2011)

What is your favorite feature of the human face? Why?

CS: The mouth. It shows a lot about a person.

In haiku or limerick form, how did you become an artist?

CS: I really tried to write my own, but apparently there’s a good reason I’m an artist instead of a poet. Instead I’m giving you a limerick I like, written by Graham Lester:

Said X (a Cartesian coordinate) 

To Y, “Damn this graph! We’re both boredinate. 

Would another dimension 
Help break up the tension?
Or would we be just overawedinate?”


Learn more about Carrie Sieh on her Sketchy Miami artist page and her personal website.

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