Top Ten Miami Music Events in July

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1. Psychedelic Furs (July 1 @ Culture Room; $32.90)

The Furs haven’t released an album since 1991, but the renowned new wave Londoners have been plenty busy over the last 20 years. Brothers Richard and Tim Butler formed Love Spit Love in the early ‘90s after the Furs split (the two other dudes in LSL would go on to become members of Guns N Roses). The Furs rekindled the fire in 2000 and have been touring ever since, this time around playing their second album Talk Talk Talk in full. Brat pack director John Hughes famously plucked the song title “Pretty in Pink” from this album. Learn more about the show HERE.

2. Jacuzzi Boys and the Surfaris (July 2 @ LongBoards; FREE)

The odd and awesome pairing justifies the trek up north. It’s always a party when the Jacuzzi Boys show up, and they always do. Seeing the Surfaris, on the other hand, should be a lot like Night at the Museum, with long-forgotten relics coming alive for the evening. The “Wipe Out” crew formed 49 years ago(!), parlaying their international hit single into a life-long series of highly-anticipated reunion shows. There are two existing Surfaris, one led by Jim Fuller and the other Bob Berryhill. Berryhill’s outfit will be playing at LongBoards on Saturday. Learn more about the show HERE.

3. Talib Kweli (July 3 @ Bardot; $20)

Touring on his fourth solo album, Gutter Rainbows, Talib Kweli is putting on a special performance at the Sunday Service: The Reunion show. Famous for his collaborations with Mos Def as Black Star, Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal, and Madlib, with whom he is working on a follow up called Liberation 2, Kweli will also man the DJ booth at Bardot later in the evening. Other performers at the Sunday Service include Artime, Sweat Record’s Lolo Reskin, John LeCash, Haitian Hillbilly, and Chris & Keen One. Learn more about the show HERE.

4. David Allan Coe (July 7 @ Revolution; $32.25)

This video should explain Coe’s placement on this list (and lose us a few readers). Learn more about the show HERE.

5. Torche, Big Business, and Helms Alee (July 12 @ Churchill’s; $12)

Miami’s big guns come back home and they’re bringing some talented friends from Seattle. Big Business is exactly what you’d expect from a Hydra Head band: metal in molasses with man’s man vocals from lead singer Jared Warren. Warren and band mate Coady Willis also double as members of The Melvins, the legendary sludge rockers who directly influence Big Business. Also from Seattle, Helms Alee made noise back in 2008 with their debut Night Terror, which showed promise as a hybrid experimental sludge metal band. (Their follow-up Weatherhead wasn’t received quite as well). Miami loves its effing loud sludge, so go git you some. Side note: Shroud Eater totally belongs on this bill. Learn more about the show HERE.

6. Glitch Mob, Com Truise, and Phantogram (July 12 @ Revolution; $24.25)

For bands that fit oh-so-right together on the same bill, each group’s sound is distinct from the other’s. Com Truise, whose highly-anticipated debut physical release, Galactic Melt, comes out a week before the show, is a composer of synthetic noises, all at once pensive, playful, and other wordly. Glitch Mob offers, well, glitchy electronica covering a lot of ground from hip hop to industrial noise. Phantogram is fresh off of their 2010 debut release, Eyelid Movies, which introduced the keyboard/guitar duo’s sparse pop romanticism. In summary, synth, glitch, and romance. Learn more about the show HERE.

7. Body Language and Entresol (July 16 @ Electric Pickle; $??)

Yet another awesome show put on by the good folks at Nightdrive Miami. Body Language, a foursome from Brooklyn, is another in a crowded field of electro-pop party starters, but their upbeat approach and hint of the tropical make them a perfect fit for Miami. Body Language has played with Passion Pit, LaRoux, Sia and Zero 7, and, on June 29, they released a 2-track remix swap with Toro Y Moi that can be had for free on Body Language’s Bandcamp. Learn more about the show HERE.

8. PLAINS (July 22 @ The Vagabond; $??)

After teasing us for about a year, Michael McGinnis (aka PLAINS) will celebrate the release of his debut album (through 10K Island Records), which I expect to be among the best local releases this year. If PLAINS has eluded you to date, check out our videos from a rare show back in May.

9. Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80 (July 29 @ Manuel Artime Theater; $35)

Seun is Fela Kuti’s baby boy and working heir to the Egypt 80 throne. The afrobeat family, which also includes brother Femi, continues to use music as a weapon against oppression and injustice. Seun became the leader of the Egypt 80 when Fela died of AIDS in 1997. He was only 14 but thrived in the role. Now 29, he released From Africa with Fury: Rise last month, produced by everywhere man Brian Eno. The new material is inspiring and confident, Seun’s proclamation that, while he is his father’s son, the music is all his own. The live show will be a memorable event.

10. Little Beard, Holly Hunt, Gorilla Pussy, Boxwood, and Lavola (July 30 @ Churchill’s; FREE)

A gratis assembly of all things “Best of 2011”, the New Times is bringing together an unholy mix of genres here. There’s absolutely no reason to miss seeing Holly Hunt or Little Beard. By the latter, here’s the video for “Summer Days In Unicorn Cardigans”. Learn more about the show HERE.

Bonus: Andy Rourke of the Smiths (July 16 @ Eve; $??)

The former Smiths bass player will DJ at Eve. Learn more about the show HERE.

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7 Comments on “Top Ten Miami Music Events in July”

  1. 1 Mig said at 2:52 pm on July 1st, 2011:

    your month lists are always on point. i should be at #5,6,and 8

  2. 2 Jordan Melnick said at 3:12 pm on July 1st, 2011:

    Thanks Mig. All credit goes to @beachedwilly.

  3. 3 cb said at 3:33 pm on July 1st, 2011:

    DAC, a legend, although a bit tarnished by all the horribly racist songs (that he no longer performs).

    I may go see Donavon Frankenreiter on the 28th. And at the beginning of August Brian Wilson.

  4. 4 William said at 5:36 pm on July 1st, 2011:

    @cb – Yeah, can’t say I’d be all that comfortable going to a DAC show, but I’m not totally convinced he’s a genuine racist, homophobe, murderer either (while on death row, he claims he killed a fellow inmate who tried some “funny” business). He’s an iconoclast by nature and a line-crosser for sport. Then again, anyone who feels comfortable acting like a racist dickhead just might be.

  5. 5 Kev said at 3:36 pm on July 11th, 2011:


  6. 6 Jorge Velasquez said at 3:37 pm on July 11th, 2011:

    Great list, will see Com truise.

  7. 7 William said at 3:52 pm on July 11th, 2011:

    @Kev – Sade/John Legend definitely more than worthy, but they hardly need my help getting the word out. Sort of like the list equivalent of being told you’re “overqualified” for a job.

    @Jorge – Thanks man. Should be a kick ass show.

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