A Sketchy thing happened last night

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Thursday night, somewhere in the vicinity of 400 people came through Lester’s cafe in Wynwood to celebrate the launch of Sketchy Miami, a Beached Miami project with the simple and impossible mission to create a portrait of every person in our hometown. There is a lot to say about this first Sketchy Party, a rare confluence of Miami’s musical, artistic, and culinary talent, and we intend to say a lot more about it. (Expect a full recap and a video next week.)

For now, I simply want to thank Sam Friend for gracing the evening with his wonderful music, Joey’s for keeping the pies coming all night, the Lester’s crew for lining ‘em up and knocking ‘em down, and, above all, our six featured artists for sketching past the point that their hands went numb. Their names are Brian Butler, Annie Blazejack, Carrie Sieh, Eli Blanco, Ximena Prugue, and Jeiddy Lopez, and they ruled the night.

To see a whole mess of photos from the Sketchy Party, head over to our Facebook page.

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