Podcast #16: PLAINScast

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Michael McGinnis and Jennifer Lopez (right) both figure in this week's podcast.

Breaking news: It’s hot. We analyze that unpleasant phenomenon as well as the steamy divorce of Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez and Marc “never to be heard from again” Anthony on this episode of the Beached Miami podcast. We also visit with self-proclaimed “studio rat” Michael McGinnis at his former home and current home-away-from-home, Honor Roll Music. McGinnis, who recently released the album PLAINS to (our) rave review, will take the stage at Vagabond Friday night to celebrate the record’s release backed by Jorge Graupera (guitar), Max Johnston (bass), and Jorge Rubiera (drums). This, then, is the PLAINScast, featuring several tracks from the album sandwiched between some inane banter courtesy of the brothers Campbell.

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