Shark Week Exposé, Part I

By | August 3rd, 2011 | 7 Comments

It’s Shark Week. During these seven special days, most Americans are content to stay home and get their tiburon titillation from the comfort of a couch. Not I. To celebrate Shark Week 2011, I went in search of a flesh-and-blood sea dog aboard Striker-1, the vindictive vessel of notorious shark hunter Mark “The Shark” Quartiano. I also dropped in on world-renowned shark expert Dr. Samuel H. Gruber, whose briny brain holds more knowledge about Jaws and his streamlined siblings than any one man’s should. Splice in a few seaside sunbathers and one jabbering pier pirate and you’ve got part one of our Shark Week Exposé. Enjoy.

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7 Comments on “Shark Week Exposé, Part I”

  1. 1 doobie said at 7:56 am on August 3rd, 2011:

    love it – can’t wait for part two!

  2. 2 Leah said at 8:37 am on August 3rd, 2011:

    What characters you guys dug up. Thanks, Beached Miami!

  3. 3 arielle said at 9:48 am on August 3rd, 2011:

    i don’t like this mark the shark very much…but i love this vid.

  4. 4 Mikey B said at 12:07 pm on August 3rd, 2011:


  5. 5 Vanessa said at 5:07 pm on August 3rd, 2011:


  6. 6 LJ said at 11:52 pm on August 3rd, 2011:

    This is incredible.

  7. 7 adam Ross said at 6:08 am on August 5th, 2011:


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