The Bakehouse Sketchy Artists II

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Painter Olivier Casse is one of several BAC artists contributing original work to the Sketchy Party raffle.

This Friday night, we are throwing our second Sketchy Party at the Bakehouse Art Complex (RSVP on Facebook). The deal is similar to the first go-round back in June: a small army of local artists will be on hand to do your portrait, or, in the parlance of our sister site,, your “Sketchy”. Sitting for a Sketchy is as FREE as ripped clothing used to be. Entry to the party is also F-R-E-E. If you want to buy your Sketchy, it’ll cost you $30, with the proceeds split evenly between the artists and Sketchy Miami.

As we mentioned last week, we are going to be raffling off original work and prints by several Bakehouse artists, along with a 132 piece metal box Prismacolor pencil set ($212.40 value) courtesy of Pearl South Miami and a collectible record from Sweat Records. Raffle tickets will be on sale at the party. There is one raffle ticket included in each Sketchy Package, which gets you a boatload of wonderful, including Joey’s pizza, beer, and a set of full-color Sketchy postcards. The packages will be on sale for $10 at the party, or you can purchase one in advance for $8 by clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of this post.

We had originally hoped to get a single piece of art for the raffle — the BAC artists came through with eight (and counting). We’ve already introduced you to four of the artists. Here are four more.

Olivier Casse

A Belgium-born artist who has been at the Bakehouse since November, Casse paints contemporary subjects in the style of the 19th Century Academy. “Girl with the Yellow ring” (below, left), Casse’s contribution to the Sketchy Party raffle, is an original oil painting on Belgian linen that he made for his thesis. In the work, one of a series featuring subjects wearing sunglasses, Casse seeks his own truth in the way his subject hides hers.

“Through the mask, we reveal ourselves,” Casse says. “The masks are the sunglasses. Because we have the sunglasses on, our guard is down.”

Casse Diptych
“Girl with The Yellow Ring” and, on the right, a Casse self-portrait

Marcelo Daldoce

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Daldoce is a watercolor artist who views water less as a material than as a partner. “Together, we work to reveal beauty,” he says. He is the Bakehouse’s newest artist-in-residence and moved to Miami a year-and-a-half ago. Based on several photos from the Sketchy Miami photo gallery, Daldoce’s contribution to the raffle (below) is a watercolor painting on cotton.

Daldoce in his studio

Look closely. You may find yourself.

Irena Gapkovska

Gapkovska hails from Skopje, Macedonia, and has been at the Bakehouse since April 2010. Spurning what she calls the “more conservative” styles of Europe, she draws on the Byzantine and surrealistic aesthetics to “make a bridge between abstract and figurative realities.” A proud Macedonian artist, Gapkovska says the Miami color scheme has seeped into her work, including her contribution to the Sketchy Party raffle, an original work of watercolor and pencil featuring a nude women in waiting (see photo below).

Carrie Sieh

One of the heros of our first Sketchy Party after she burnt out her sewing machine using it to make scores of flash portraits, Sieh is a mixed-media and fiber artist who came to the Bakehouse in December from San Francisco. You can learn more about her in the interview we posted back in June. Her contribution to the raffle (below) is a silver gelatin print layered with embroidery.

Sieh in her Bakehouse studio


Each of these artists, and many more, will be on hand Friday night to sketch your portrait. Head over to Facebook to learn all of the details about the party. If you don’t know what the hell Sketchy Miami is, check out the project site. To purchase a Sketchy Package, click the PayPal button below. In addition to one raffle ticket, the package gets you the following:

Joey’s life-affirming pizza (vegetarian available)
— beer à la keg courtesy of Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar and a bottle of Honest Tea to quench your thirst on a fine summer’s night
— a collectible set of full-color Sketchy Miami postcards courtesy of Reprographic Services
— a $2 discount and free glass of wine at O Cinema, which will be hosting a midnight screening that night
— FREE entry to the Vagabond for our official after party

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