Miami Art Walk Guide: Everything and a lot of it

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The last time I compiled a Miami Art Walk guide, I grumbled a bit about the lack of exhibition openings. There’s nothing to grumble about this month. In fact, there are so many new (and promising) exhibitions opening in Wynwood and Design District galleries in time for Art Walk on Saturday that I’m eschewing curation in favor of comprehensiveness this time around. Without further ado, everything (in no particular order).*

Behind the curtain, a lock of hair falling @ Gallery Diet

Featuring works by Joshua Abelow, Sarah Conaway, Talia Chetrit, Debo Eilers, Nicolas Lobo, Martin Oppel, and George Woodman, Behind the curtain gets its title from a poem by Matthew Abess, a writer raised and living in Miami Beach who is also a curatorial assistant at the Wolfsonian-FIU. From the press release: “The works … come together to form an atmospheric fog of delusional pop, figurative indulgence, and playfulness bordering on pornography … Neon colors, hard cold lines, and filtered light are threads … Pee Wee’s playhouse is a note.” Learn more on

Self-Portrait with de Chirico by Joshua Abelow
“Self-Portrait with de Chirico” by Joshua Abelow

Matter of Fact @ Dorsch Gallery

The first solo exhibition by Nick Cave understudy Cheryl Pope, Matter of Fact seeks to pierce the “current facades of progressiveness in our society, exposing the rawness beneath.” Its centerpiece is a video projection called “Stacks” in which “a shift-clad” woman, her head cut out of the frame, plays Jenga with “an impossible number of white plates, cups, and bowls atop a small table.” Learn more on

Summer Photo Show 2011 @ The Lunch Box Gallery

This exhibition features the work of 12 photographers. The Lunch Box will also be showing “A Single Moment”, a selection of seven color photographs by Miami International University of Art & Design student Janel Kilnisan as part of the gallery’s “One Night Stand Exhibition Series”. Kilnisan on “A Single Moment”: “Everyone has a moment in the day where they want to just get away from the chaos of the world, and escape in their own thoughts. Reflecting on life, figuring out where to go next, or how they ended up here in this moment. This series is a narrative portrait series that explores that of the everyday individual, the people that could be your friend, brother, sister, neighbor, or mother. I chose to photographs my subjects in their own environment, capturing them at the quietest, loneliest, even most personal moments; the moment where they are in there own thoughts.” Learn more on

His Wife & Her Lover @ Primary Projects

A group exhibit of 13 artists, His Wife & Her Lover is a call-and-response exhibition focusing on “destruction, secrecy, violence, social class, pride, and desire.” Learn more on

Strung Out @ Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

Someone needs to tell the copy writer at BSG that exhibition descriptions on gallery websites are supposed to be indecipherable. Seriously. What was this person thinking when he and/or she penned a comprehensible paragraph about Strung Out that actually made me want to visit the gallery? Here it is:

Karen Rifas, best known for her stitched leaves, continues her exploration of geometry with various colors of cords to create unique geometric patterns, forms, and spaces. She uses color in order to question our sense of perspective, while her geometrically arranged cord installations invigorate space with movement and illusion. Straight lines appear to be curved, and often the cords vibrate while the colors intensify. Rifas’ site specific installations of nylon cord, stainless steel, or stitched leaves enable her to create volume with a spare amount of material. The work reacts to the unique features of the site and its sense of space. Some of the work deals with overlooked corners of the room, while others are bold compositions that cut through large swaths of space.

The exhibition opens Saturday night and, at 8 p.m., New World School of the Arts dancers will perform within the space confined by Rifas’ structures. Learn more about Strung Out and BSG’s other Saturday night opening, A Critique of Established Attitudes Towards Aging & Beauty, on

from Cornered by Karen Rifas
Image from Cornered, a previous Rifas exhibition at BSG

Gene Hackman @ Bas Fisher Invitational

As glorious as it would be to encounter the Gene Hackman Saturday night, this performance offers two silver-screen worthy personages: P. Scott Cunningham, University of Wynwood and O, Miami poetry festival founder, and Timothy Stanley, a writer and artist from NYC. As they have been doing since late August as part of their BFI residency, Cunningham and Stanley will give a public reading and then critique each other’s work with the “utmost cruelty”. They will likely be doing this in matching outfits. Saturday night is Cunningham and Stanley’s last performance. Learn more on the BFI website.

Regular Lovers @ Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Taking its name from a Philippe Garrel film, Regular Lovers features the photography of California-born, Paris-based artist Sunny Suits. “Like Garrel, Suits works from her own life and relationships, giving us starkly honest insights into her private world through the portrayal of friends and lovers.” A contact at Snitzer tells me to expect a “steamy” show. Learn more on

"Fabrice Holding Emilie" by Sunny Suits
“Fabrice Holding Emilie” by Sunny Suits

Optic Nerve XIII, Dali screenings @ de la Cruz Collection

The Collection will be screening MOCA’s Optic Nerve XIII, an hour-long short-film program that premiered at the North Miami museum on August 27 (see our review). You can also watch Adam Low’s biopic, Dali (1986), in the Collection’s library. Learn more on

Strategies Against Architecture @ the end

Self-proclaimed “residue” from the end’s Summer Ear Conditioning series (which we described in “Miami DIY: the end/SPRING BREAK”), Strategies Against Architecture will feature works by Radio-Active Record’s designer Richard Vergez and a live performance by Vergez’s instrumental project, möthersky. Learn more on the end’s Facebook page.

Metropolis @ Butter Gallery

This exhibition features works by Miami-based photographer Yuri Tuma. Quoth the Metropolis press release: “Tuma’s photographs invite their audience to abandon attempts to categorize or identify recognizable objects but instead revel in the moment of the uncanny. Much like the work of early surrealists, Tuma’s photography lives in the moment between the flat and the deep, between the organic and constructed, and between the visual and the perceived.” Learn more on

Yuri Tuma, NY1, c-print, 2011
Image from Metropolis, NY1, c-print, 2011

Alternative Poetry @ Kelley Roy Gallery

This exhibition features the work of painter Kevin Paulsen, whose pigment on plaster pieces draw on mysticism, primitivism, and the work of Pablo Neruda, and appear to have been created centuries ago. Learn more on

Feeding a Fool to a Snake

Works on Paper @ UM Wynwood Project Space

This exhibition opens Saturday night and features works on paper exclusive of photographs and fully digital pieces. Artists: Lise Drost, Brian Curtis, Thomas Engleman, Eddy Lopez, Barbara Scheer, Abraham Camayd, Tom Virgin, Lani Shapton, Kari Snyder, and Kyle Trowbridge.

Understory @ Praxis International Art

A solo exhibition by Buenos Aires-born, Miami-based artist Nina Surel, Understory features mixed-media works — constructed of photographs, lace, buttons, porcelain, jewelry, resin, etc. — that “depict women deep in the canopies of the forest [executing] their unconscious fantasies and repressed desires away from their socially constructed environments … These images are scenes that can only happen deep in the understory of the most primeval of forests, and have their genesis even further below, where the oldest roots of these trees exist.” Learn more on

Musk by Nina Surel
“Musk” by Nina Surel

+ @ Locust Projects

A solo show by Austin-based artist Andy Coolquitt — “known for sculptures made of joined pipes, broom handles, discarded lighters, beer bottles, light bulbs, straws, and crayons” — + consists of four discrete installations set within the intersection of large Plexiglas sheets. Learn more on

White Elbow
“White Elbow” from Coolquitt’s bOnniE i LovE (can) YOu, cAn i sEE yOu saT oR SuN

Crushed Candy @ David Castillo Gallery

This sixth-anniversary exhibition features works by Jonathan Ehrenberg, Shara Hughes, Meredith James, and the TM Sisters (Tasha & Monica Lopez de Victoria). Its description features the following choice snippet of art babble: “Anniversaries give pause for remembrance and revelry. Crushed Candy acknowledges the permeability of established aesthetic and art historical foundations and emblazons the significance of saturation, humor, and celebration. The result is an arcade of phenomenological experience where the human body follows an ironic second to architecture and environment.” Learn more on

Personal Diary @ Black Square Gallery

This exhibition comprises a collection of pages from the journal of embroidery artist Volodymyr Kuznetsov. “Plans, advices, daily impressions, ideas, intimate stories, sketches, jobs to do — everything is embroidered in details on printed fabric pages and it’s shared with everybody.” Learn more on

Intergalactic World’s Fair @ Harold Golen Gallery

This exhibition features gouache acrylic works by El Gato Gomez and mixed-media pieces by Michelle Bickford. The artists are friends with a penchant for the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, a flair for color, and an apparent affinity for The Jetsons. Learn more on

Work by El Gato Gomez
A piece by El Gato Gomez

Leon Ferrari & Argentine Collective @ PanAmerican ArtProjects

As part of its ongoing 10-year anniversary celebration, PanAmerican Projects will be showing the work of Buenos Aires-born conceptual artist Leon Ferrari and several of his compatriots. “All these artists … reflect in their work [Argentina’s] social and political instability borne out of their personal experiences. These images convey the violence and frustration that has permeated Argentinean society for many years.” Learn more on

*The obvious caveat is that I definitely left something out. What is it?

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  1. 1 Christopher Miro Gallery said at 10:23 am on September 8th, 2011:

    Friday @ Christopher Miro Gallery | BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK | Group Exhibition featuring works by Lorie Setton , Shie Moreno , and Jovan Villalba. Presented in a new space DWNTWN 139 ne 1st Street. Opening Reception from 6pm – 10pm.

  2. 2 FOUND DESIGN MIAMI said at 2:09 pm on September 8th, 2011:

    Friday @ FOUND DESIGN MIAMI: 2328 N. Miami Avenue. Grand Opening Party for Miami’s newest purveyor of hand made, one of a kind, home furnishings and local art work. Check out what we made and party with us from 8pm – 11pm.

  3. 3 Sheri Friedman said at 2:40 pm on September 9th, 2011:

    This is great.. very informative.. thank you.. Do you cover all the Miami area art walks? Coconut Grove has one on the First Saturdays of the month, and the Falls area has one on the second Fridays of the month..
    All the best

  4. 4 Jordan Melnick said at 2:48 pm on September 9th, 2011:

    Thanks Sheri. So far, we’re only tackling one Art Walk per month. Might branch out down the line.

  5. 5 Melissa said at 4:21 pm on September 10th, 2011:

    Thanks for all the info! Looks like I chose a good month to attend the Art Walk.

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