Photos: Hunx and his Punx at the Stage

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It’s Saturday morning and I’d be questioning whether I dreamed up last night’s Hunx and his Punx show — Seth Bogart’s studded cinch belt and golden bulge; his nasal drawl and between-song digressions, including one in which he asked the crowd which of the Jacuzzi Boys, Hunx’ Hardly Art label mates, has the biggest endowment; guitarist Kyle Thomas’s hooded cape; the entire event’s John Waters look, from leather motorcycle cap to shimmering cocktail waitress dress — if we didn’t have the photos to prove it all went down.

Seth Bogart, crotch up by Robby Campbell

Seth Bogart aka Hunx by Robby Campbell

Kyle Thomas aka King Tuff by Robby Campbell

Stage Crowd

The Coincidental Bowtie by Robby Campbell

Bogart and Tuff

Lips by Robby Campbell

Get Out Of His Way by Robby Campbell

Seth in Sepia by Robby Campbell
“I feel like this is like fake,” Bogart said at one point in the show. “Is this fucking real? I feel like I’m in a movie.” No, Hunx, you were in the Design District.

One of Hunx’ favorite moves: Using the leverage of the stage to push his fans’ heads toward his crotch. This may be the only photo taken by someone experiencing that honor.

Papparazzi'd by Robby Campbell

All photos by Robby Campbell

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