Photos: Miami Art Walk September 2011

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At a certain point Saturday night, Wynwood was overrun by the largest crowd I’ve ever seen at an Art Walk. I heard from a source within the Knight Foundation that the monthly event draws 30,000 people to the gallery district. The number is no longer hard to believe after a night when breathing room in the open air of N.W. Second Avenue was hard to come by. In these photos we captured a handful or two of those 30,000 human beings, at least one sterling instance of human folly, and an avian enemy of the distended male bladder.

TGYL BY Robby Campbell

Best Dressed by Robby Campbell

Le Penseur (in vest) by Robby Campbell
Miami does Rodin.

Tape Men by Robby Campbell
This happened.

9/11 Vodka by Robby Campbell
These shots contained an American-made vodka. For that reason, their pusher was pitching them as “for 9/11″. If that weren’t dubiously commemorative enough, he also had on his table …

Vodka Skull by Robby Campbell
… a skull filled with blue lemonade vodka. For 9/11. Caveat: I seem to recall him saying something about a charity, which is nice but doesn’t, to my mind, fully excuse the egregious faux pas.

Artist Brian Butler, a regular on, bringing his Ice Cream People to the street

Of the thousand shows I previewed in this month’s Art Walk guide, my favorite exhibition was Cheryl Pope’s Matter of Fact, at Dorsch Gallery, which featured this carpet of shattered plates, a video piece called “Stacks”, a room of large spinning tops beautifully constructed of ceramic ware, and a stack of plates rolling back and forth across the wall and making a terrible noise that you somehow come to tune out. Dorsch is showing Matter of Fact through October 1. Wear shoes.

Circle Shirt by Robby Campbell

Open Neck by Robby Campbell

TGYL BY Robby Campbell

Chickens by Robby Campbell

Tips by Robby Campbell

You Across the Bar by Robby Campbell

Scratch by Robby Campbell

Lester's Bird by Robby Campbell
Robby spotted this creature on the men’s room wall at Lester’s. Needless to say he got stage fright. (We are hosting Sketchy Workshop #1 at Lester’s on Wednesday, Sept. 21. You’re invited!)

Clown by Robby Campbell

Best Dressed by Robby Campbell
She was walking around clothed in body paint and nothing else. In so doing, she largely made up for the men wrapped in purple tape and little else.

All photos by Robby Campbell

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2 Comments on “Photos: Miami Art Walk September 2011”

  1. 1 Marcelo Salup said at 10:16 am on September 11th, 2011:

    1. Candance Meyer – owner of the Gray Space at 24 Street
    2. 30,000 people is hard to believe… it felt more like 50,000!
    3. Great pictures!
    4. They should do the Art Walk every 2 weeks rather than once per month, it’s time!

  2. 2 chicken flava said at 12:52 pm on September 11th, 2011:

    No bullshit, that’s Dan Aykroyd’s vodka. Crystal Head.

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