Nevermind Miami: Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way

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Miami Nevermind: Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way

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This is the third installment of Nevermind Miami, a tribute to the generation-defining album Nirvana released 20 years ago, on September 24, 1991. To commemorate the occasion, we have asked local musicians to cover each of the 13 songs on the original release. We will be posting the covers throughout September in no particular order.

First up in this installment, we have Miami-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Rachel Goodrich covering “Territorial Pissings”. The song is the grungiest on Nevermind, with Kurt Cobain straining both his vocal chords and guitar strings to the snapping point and Dave Grohl doing his darnedest to make toothpicks of drumsticks.

Backed by harmonica, Goodrich slows the track down on a loose-strung acoustic guitar and channels Cobain’s inner bluesman, which didn’t always shine through Nirvana’s studio output but played an exquisite role in the band’s masterful Unplugged album (see “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”). To listen to more of Goodrich’s music, visit (aka Yellow Bear HQ).

Covering “Something In The Way”, the oppressively slow song that (ostensibly) brings Nevermind to a somber and beautiful close, Guy Harvey — a West Palm Beach band that we’re ruthlessly shoving into the geographical confines of this misnomered series — reverses Goodrich’s tactic with a sped-up, surfer-dark rendition of “Something In The Way”, best listened to while driving 100 mph toward something invigoratingly dangerous.

To learn more about Guy Harvey, visit the band’s Facebook page, and read our interview with lead singer Adam Perry from November. You can also listen to “Take Your Time (With Me)”, which grabbed the runner-up spot on our Top 15 Songs of 2010 list.

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  1. 1 Chris said at 12:02 am on October 1st, 2011:

    Rachel Goodrich’s cover is incredible.

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