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Many a dashing portrait has graced the walls of in the last 30 days, ten of which are featured below. Click on any of the Sketchys to visit its artist’s profile page, where you will see all of the artist’s portraits and learn more about him/her in the sidebar. Keep in mind that each of these portraits is inspired by one of the hundreds of photos in the Sketchy Miami Photo Gallery. To submit your photo, visit

“Shannon Ashley #2″ by Jason Snyder

"Shannon Ashley" by Jason Snyder

“Mike Bush #2″ by Oscar E. Alonso

"Mike Bush" by Oscar E. Alonso

“Ximena Prugue (Pink)” by Kim Moore

"Ximena Prugue (Pink)" by Kim Moore
This is one of the portraits to come out of Sketchy Pink, a project to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise money for the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute. Learn more at

“Balery” Lucia Guzman Sukoff

“J Matt Hoch” by David Vance

"J Matt Hoch" by David Vance

“Heike Wollenweber (Pink)” by B M de Varona

"Heike Wollenweber (Pink)" by B M de Varona
Also part of the Sketchy Pink series, this portrait is by B M de Varona, one of the most prolific Sketchy Miami artists. In fact, BMD is on a mission to do one Sketchy on every day of September.

“Geoffrey Campbell #3″ by JeanPaul Mallozzi

JeanPaul Mallozzi is a painter and illustrator in residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex, where we held Sketchy Party #2. He will be leading our first Sketchy Workshop at Lester’s cafe in Wynwood on Wednesday, Sept. 21. You’re invited!

“Ana GGS” by Christopher Ramos

“Alex Farha” by Angela Guyton

"Alex Farha" by Angela Guyton

“Carolina Rodriguez” by Martin Rodriguez

"Carolina Rodriguez" by Martin Rodriguez


These ten Sketchys represent only a fraction of the portraits we’ve posted in the last 30 days. To see them all, visit Remember: whether you are an artist or merely the proud owner of a human face, it is easy to get involved with Sketchy Miami either by submitting a photo or by submitting a Sketchy. The links below will help you get started. You may just see your face in next month’s Sketchy roundup.

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  1. 1 BMD said at 12:53 am on September 16th, 2011:

    Thank you for the kind comments! I’m flattered just to be mentioned among the talent in this page.

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