Photos: Chromeo at the Fillmore

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Tuesday night electrofunk duo Chromeo — David Macklovitch, aka Dave 1, and Patrick Gemayel, aka P-Thugg — busted out the vocoder and lady-legged synths for their first ever Miami show. Touring behind their 2010 LP, Business Casual, the pair from Montreal came out to a chant of “Chro-me-oh. Oh-oh” (to the tune of “The March of the Winkies”) and played a set nearly as smooth as Dave 1’s bespoke duds. Here are some photos from the show. You can view more on the Beached Miami Facebook page, and make sure to check out our latest podcast, which features an interview with P-Thugg.

David Macklovitch by Robby Campbell

Secret at the Bar by Robby Campbell

Dave 1 Macklovitch by Robby Campbell

Chromeo Stage by Robby Campbell
Dave 1 (left) is Jewish, dapper, and sports an 80-tooth smile. P-Thugg is Arabic, dresses for the couch, and wears a wry scowl. Self-described as as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture,” the childhood friends make for an adorable and funky odd couple, trading grins and knowing glances and even hugging during the set and complementing each other note for note.

Front Row by Robby Campbell

Pit People by Robby Campbell

David Macklovitch by Robby Campbell

P-Thugg by Robby Campbell
Looking like an Arab Rick Ross, P-Thugg does his best Peter Gabriel.

Break'n Down by Robby Campbell

Detroit-based soul act Mayer Hawthorne & The County opened for Chromeo.

The County bassist Joe Abrams

Mayer Hawthorne Lights by Robby Campbell

Secret at the Bar by Robby Campbell

Dave 1 by Robby Campbell

Chromeo Dave by Robby Campbell

Chromeo Crowd by Robby Campbell
“Chro-me-oh. Oh-oh.”

All photos by Robby Campbell

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