Sketchy Roundup: Red and Pink

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You will notice a few ghouls in this roundup of Sketchy Miami portraits. That is because we are encouraging — with the implicit threat of afterlife haunting — local artists to do scary Sketchys in the spirit of our Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse on Saturday, Oct. 29. (RSVP on Facebook.) To see all of the scary Sketchys to date, visit

You will also see a fair amount of the color pink. Those portraits come out of Sketchy Pink, an effort to raise money for breast cancer research. To learn more, visit and/or stop by our table in the Wynwood Market during Art Walk on Saturday night. We’ll be there with several local artists waiting impatiently for faces to draw.

In the meantime, check out these Sketchys from the last few weeks. Click on any one to visit its artist’s profile page, where you will see all of the artist’s portraits and learn more about him/her in the sidebar.

“Luis Diaz” by Martin Rodriguez

Martin will be one of the featured artists at our upcoming Sketchy Pink Party at The Betsy-South Beach on Sunday, Oct. 23. You’re invited!

“Arielle Angel” and “Raquel” by Brian Butler

Brian will be one of the featured artists at the Sketchy Halloween Party. He is also the maniacal mind behind the flyer atop the sidebar. As for the following Sketchy, you really should see the photo that inspired it to appreciate it fully.

“Dara Simkin” by Jason Snyder

Jason will be one of the featured artists at the Sketchy Halloween Party. He was also one of the featured artists at our last party, at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

“Elizabeth Carde” by Monique Lassooij

An excerpt from Monique’s Sketchy Miami artist page: “I want to show my subject as is: simply beautiful. When it comes to the human body, I don’t need to provoke, I just want people to see how beautiful a body is: the shape and softness, and the effect of light and shades have on the skin tones. When I paint nudes, I realize that most of my work will end up in bedrooms. I guess that will make me a Boudoir Artist.”

“Erika G” by Jeiddy Lopez

Jeiddy will be one of the featured artists at the Sketchy Halloween Party. She was also a huge part of the Sketchy Miami launch party, at Lester’s in late June.

“Jesse Tomalty” and “Jose Miguel” by Nathan Dee Delinois

Here is Nathan’s bio on his Sketchy Miami artist page: “Born and raised in south Florida, Nathan Delinois has numerous influences including his Haitian background and the use of color in a lot of Haitian art, as well as much of the graffiti of Marc Ecko, Tat’s Cru and The Inkheads. The design quality of African art and the drama of Greek art from the Hellenistic period can also been seen in his work. Additionally, he takes some influences from the new pop surrealists also known as lowbrow artists.”

“Rob Nowicki (Pink)” by Erin Chainani

An excerpt from Erin’s bio on her Sketchy Miami artist page: “Formerly a professional costume designer in New York City, I’m now a miami-based artist with my own business painting custom toy portrait commissions for children and nostalgic adults.”

“Amelia Arce” by Luis Fuentes

An excerpt from Luis’s bio: “Growing up in the Miami of the 1970s, Luis was exposed not just to his Cuban Heritage, but to the influences of the expanding and diverse Miami community. He has been very active in Miami’s classic car scene owning and restoring many collector cars. This combination helped develop in him a respect and appreciation for all things classic.”


These ten Sketchys represent only a fraction of the 500+ portraits we’ve posted in the last three months. To see them all, visit Remember: whether you are an artist or merely the proud owner of a human face, it is easy to get involved with Sketchy Miami either by submitting a photo or by submitting a Sketchy. The links below will help you get started.

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