Looking for love at the Lincoln Road Zombie Walk

By | October 12th, 2011 | 1 Comment

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Miami’s zombies’ parents brought their children to South Beach for their annual stroll up and down Lincoln Road. Beached Miami star reporter Robby Campbell was on the scene to make sure this crucial tradition didn’t suffer the indignity of a media blackout. Plus, he was lonely.

Many thanks to videographer-editor Francisco Moraga for risking a bite to the throat to make this piece. It is the first of two ghoulish videos we will be presenting in the lead-up to the Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse on Saturday, Oct. 29. (RSVP on Facebook.) In case you were wondering, the event is 21+, so, sadly, none of the Lincoln Road zombies will be there.

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One Comment on “Looking for love at the Lincoln Road Zombie Walk”

  1. 1 112think said at 10:48 am on October 31st, 2012:

    your interviewer comes off really annoying and smug. He wasn’t funny at all. Typical wannabe actor who can’t help but pretend he is too cool to even interview these people…and although that was the joke…it was clear he really didn’t want to interview them so we just saw him for the annoying tie wearing minimal trending sheep he is in real life I expect! He was super easy to read…lame!

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