Brains, Blood, Wookiee Hair: The Sketchy Halloween Party Raffle

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The Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse is this Saturday (RSVP), and everyone who comes automatically has a chance to win a piece of original art by one of the 10 local artists who will be on the scene to sketch you in your Halloween’s best. (Come in costume!) To learn more about this extravaganza of live art, live music, booze, food, and blood, visit the Sketchy Halloween Party Facebook page.

Here are most (not all) of the pieces that will be in the party raffle. In the spirit of Halloween, they vary from gory to Chewie. If you see one that you really want, you can buy extra raffle tickets at the party. Otherwise, you’ll have to try your luck with the one free ticket you get with entry. First up …

JeanPaul Mallozzi

"Sebastian" by JeanPaul Mallozzi"Karen Padron" by JeanPaul Mallozzi"Erin N" by JeanPaul Mallozzi
Check out more of JeanPaul’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Brian Butler

Sketchy Halloween Party Raffle Piece
Check out more of Brian’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Jen Meyer

"Todd Cervini" by Jen MeyerCheck out more of Jen’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Jeiddy Lopez

"Jorge Daumy" by Jeiddy Lopez
Check out more of Jeiddy’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Marcelo Daldoce

Erin N by Marcelo DaldoceCheck out more of Marcelo’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Olivier Casse

"Todd Cervini" by Olivier CasseCheck out more of Olivier’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Jason Snyder

"Karen Padron" by Jason SnyderCheck out more of Jason’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Russ Ronat

Russ is contributing a drawing to the raffle. This stop-motion film chronicles the process of creating the drawing. It is the latest in his ongoing series of animated videos that document his creative process and progress.

Check out more of Russ’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Regina Jestrow

Regina is a mixed-media/fiber artist. She will be making masks at the party.

"Todd Cervini" by Olivier CasseCheck out more of Regina’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Daniel Ortiz

Sketchy Halloween Party Raffle Piece (8)Check out more of Daniel’s work on Sketchy Miami.

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