New Waves: ANR gets into some ‘Bad Shit’

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In the spirit of Halloween, or plain ol’ murder, Miami synth rock duo ANR (Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson) dropped “Bad Shit” via 10K Islands on Monday. Hancock seems to sing the pretty ditty from the perspective of a love-confounded murderer who can’t help himself: “Desperate women in my path/If you’d only done the math.” The warm arpeggio on guitar, Hancock’s soft crooning, and the precious piano touches only serve to make the chilling lyric creepier.

You’ve got a way to make me cry,
Make me call the FBI,
Say, “There’s nothing they can do.”

You got into some bad shit
And now you’re gonna pay for it
‘Cos I got into a bad mood.

It isn’t until the electronic kaleidoscope kicks in at 2:08 that the song turns overtly sinister, with Hancock singing “Getting home on a tightrope” in a wavering falsetto that suggests what this keyed-up character is capable of.

ANR is currently finishing up a tour that will end on Nov. 11 with a show at Bardot. Until then, get yourself into some “Bad Shit”.

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