Art Walk Guide: Fleeced sheep and barbed wire

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With the Art Basel spaceship making a beeline for Miami, galleries across Wynwood and the Design District are breaking out their best exhibitions (“best” ≈ “most likely to entice deep-pocketed collectors”) for Art Walk on Saturday. Here’s what’s on our radar.

Love Trips: A Triptych on Love @ World Class Boxing

from Jillian Mayer's "Love Trips"

The centerpiece of this Jillian Mayer solo exhibition is a triptych within a triptych. Titled “Everyone’s Been Lost at Sea”, the three-part video installation comprises “Temporarily Yours”, in which the artist practices making romantic passes for our spying eyes; “endless lava, I wish for”, which finds Mayer performing acrobatics within the mouth of “an erupting, crudely-made concrete volcano”; and “H.I.L.M.D.A.”, an embellished account of how the famed Venus de Milo lost her arms. (“H.I.L.M.D.A.” = “How I Lost My Damn Arms”? Just a guess.) The show will open on Saturday and run through February alongside a Jack Strange solo exhibition titled G. To learn more about Love Trips, visit the exhibition’s Facebook event page.

209 Ignition @ Kelley Roy Gallery

Featuring a video collaboration with choreographer Yara Travieso called “V1-V3″, 209 Ignition is Miami-born painter Mira Lehr’s first solo exhibition in her hometown in nearly a decade. The show is anchored by Lehr’s signature paintings — the results of a volatile technique that involves lit fuses, gunpowder, and poured resin — and furthers her attempt to capture “nature’s less tangible and more baffling nuances.” 209 Ignition opened on Oct. 15 and will close on Saturday, so make sure to see it while you can. To learn more, visit

A still from Lehr and Travieso's collaboration

Fleeced @ Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

Photographer Holly Lynton’s first solo show at BSG, Fleeced is a collection of large-scale, color photographs that “explore the connection that people who still work with plants and animals have with nature.” The show aims to renew our “reverence for nature through the celebration of the positive aspects of small-scale, sustainable, local, organic farms.” Peter Sarkisian’s New Work will also open at BSG on Saturday. To learn more about the exhibitions, visit the gallery’s website.

"Hooded" by Holly Lynton

Cores and Cutouts @ Locust Projects

The folks at Locust Projects have invited sculptor Ruben Ochoa, “known for using gritty, vernacular building materials such as concrete, dirt, and steel,” to cut through their building’s floor down to the gallery’s foundation in order to reveal “the space where earth and architecture intersect.” The aggressive project aims to “address an architectural disjuncture” that conflates “the gallery and the art object.” Even if you never suffered from that particular confusion, Ochoa’s site-specific installation will likely reward a visit, judging from his previous work (see “… that’s what she said” below). Cores and Cutouts opens on Saturday and will run through Dec. 17. To learn more, visit

" ... that's what she said" by Ruben Ochoa

Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply @ David Castillo Gallery

Every time I compile this guide, there is always one exhibition description that defies comprehension. David Castillo Gallery wins the contest of most indecipherable artspeak this time around. Exhibit A: “Like Adler Guerrier’s sculpture sourced from found materials building upon themselves with the premonish enchantment of an unbroken chain letter, the artists in Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply push daisies through substance and porosity, content, and permeability.” If you can make sense of that, you’re probably an insufferable dinner party guest, or simply on acid. Crimes against clarity aside, Don’t Get High holds promise with works by Samantha Bittman, Daniel Gordon, Adler Guerrier, Quisqueya Henriquez, Elana Herzog, Susan Lee-Chun, Robert Melee, Wardell Milan, Vik Muniz, Jayson Musson, Pascual Sisto, and Shinique Smith. To learn more about the show, which opens on Saturday and runs through the end of December, visit the DCG website.

"Null" from David Castillo Gallery exhibition

Thoughts, Meditations, Acts @ Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

Featuring work by Xawery Wolski, Thoughts, Meditations, Acts finds the Polish-Mexican sculptor continuing “his experimentations with terracotta, bronze, steel, seeds, and natural fibers, searching for ways to meld them organically while infusing them with a spiritual, complex, and introspective energy.” The show opens on Saturday and runs until the end of January. To learn more, visit the DLFA website.

"Globos" by Xawery Wolski

Barbed @ Praxis International Art

Barbed is a series of photographs of “littered garments … help captive” in the endless coils of barbed wire throughout the Miami cityscape. The work of Cuban-American duo Guerra de la Paz (Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz), the show opens on Friday and runs until the end of December. To learn more, visit

from "Barbed" by Guerra de la Paz

Fragmentos @ PanAmerican ArtProjects

Jose Manuel Fors’s first solo show in Miami, Fragmentos features new work by the Cuban mixed-media artist, including a video projected through a fractured arrangement of dry mango leaves (see photo). The show opened in October and will run through Art Basel. To learn more, visit PanAmerican ArtProject’s website.

"Memorias" by Jose Manuel Fors

Change @ Fredric Snitzer Gallery

A solo exhibition of new sculptures, Change finds Cristina Leo Rodriguez “twisting, crushing, bending, and painting materials” to form a collection of abstract pieces born of nature and consumerism (think raw wood and Swarovski crystal). The show opens on Thursday and will run through Dec. 17. To learn more, visit

"Excavations" by Cristina Lei Rodriguez

Sex, Drugs & Profanity @ Robert Fontaine Gallery

A group exhibition featuring the work of 15 artists, this provocatively titled show aims to explore the nuances of sex, drugs, and profanity vis-à-vis social norms. That is rich subject matter to be sure but also exceedingly common fare in art and pop culture alike. We will have to wait for S, D & P to open on Saturday to see if it is more than just a name. To learn more, visit the exhibition Facebook page.

from "Sex, Drugs & Profanity" at Robert Fontaine Gallery

Arboleda Fest @ The Palm Lot

This isn’t exactly an Art Walk event — it runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. — but it is a good reason to turn your Wynwood-Design District excursion into a day trip. In its inaugural year, Arboleda Fest will showcase the works of local emerging designers, artists, crafters, and vintage vendors. There will also be live music, D.I.Y. workstations, a beer garden, and good eats from several Miami food trucks. To learn more about the one-day fest, visit

Arboleda Fest


Basta! The exhibitions listed above are all the shows I could find that opened since last Art Walk. As usual, I may have missed one, two, or seven, so feel free to address any oversights with a comment. Also, if you want a refresher on ongoing shows that opened before last Second Saturday, including Rompelotas at Gallery Diet and three exhibitions at Dorsch Gallery, check out our October Art Walk Guide.

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    Here’s another: Spinello Gallery is opening solo projects by Augustina Woodgate (“If these walls could talk”), Typoe (“Black Sunday”), and Santiago Rubino (“Eyes of the stars”). Learn about each exhibition on the FB event page.

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